Firefighters extinguish a blaze at the Chocorua home of Robert and Lillian Burt on Monday afternoon. (DAYMOND STEER PHOTO)

TAMWORTH — Fire departments from as far away as Conway responded to a blaze that destroyed a home at 11 Mason Drive in Chocorua on Monday afternoon and sent the occupant to an area hospital.

The fire appeared on the Sun's scanner at about 4 p.m.

While getting medical treatment under a tent, owner Bob Burt told the Sun said he wasn’t sure what started the fire. 

“I was outside fixing my fence, and I heard the smoke alarms going off,” said Burt. “So, I went inside, I saw all the smoke, I took three or four steps and that’s as far as I could get.”

Burt, a retired builder, said he has two cats and he opened the doors so they could get out but it isn’t sure if they made it.

Burt said he’s lived there for a year but his family owned the property for about 15 years. Tax records show that he and Lillian Burt own the home.

Burt said he now will drive to Massachusetts where his daughter lives. He said he was having difficulty speaking and the interview concluded so he could be taken to an area hospital for evaluation.

Tamworth Fire Chief Rich Colcord said the fire was accidental and may have been related to home repairs.

Colcord said a major concern with this fire was preventing it from spreading to neighboring structures due to the current dry conditions. He said that the area is loaded with pine needles and scrub oaks, and some firefighters set about cleaning them up.

“We were lucky enough to have enough water in the stream down here,” said Colcord, who said firefighters used Class-A foam to make their water supply last.

“If we had a wind today, this could have been really bad with a lot of houses involved," Colcord said.

Fire departments that responded included Center Ossipee, West Ossipee Conway and Madison, with Freedom covering the Tamworth station. About 30 firefighters were involved. 

Other responding agencies were Tamworth police and Action Ambulance. 

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