grant and hickey

Eliza Grant (left) and Kit Hickey stand in front of the Bunker Building in North Conway. (DAYMOND STEER PHOTO)

OSSIPEE — County commissioners won’t be hosting a public hearing on the Bluebird Project today. It has been postponed until Jan. 27.

The Bluebird Project — a for-profit LLC — is headed by veterinarian Eliza Grant and Kit Hickey, an MIT lecturer on entrepreneurship, both Conway residents. Grant sits on the Conway planning board, and Hickey serves on the Conway budget committee.

They bought the 1850-built Bunker building located at 109 Pine St. in North Conway with the intention of turning it into affordable housing.

Part of the process will include seeking a community block grant, which involves a public hearing at the board of commissioners.

The HUD grant would pass through Carroll County government but would not cost the county.

The hearing had been scheduled for Jan. 13, but on Tuesday it emerged that the date was changed.

Asked what happened, County Coordinator Mellisa Seamans replied with the following statement:

“The CDBG public hearings regarding the Bluebird Project are scheduled for Jan. 27 at 3 p.m. at the Carroll County Administration Building.

“Originally scheduled for Jan. 13, the hearings were delayed to allow for proper posting and advertising requirements of the CDBG grant.”

The Sun asked Hickey what the issue was.

“We needed to notice the public hearing at least 12 days in advance,” said Hickey. “Given the holidays and vacations at end of December, notice didn’t appear in time for our original date, so it’s the 27th now.”

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