CONWAY — The Municipal Budget Committee voted unanimously to support an article calling for the sale of Conway Community Building which had been the town's former polling place despite apparent traffic issues caused by having the presidential primary voting moved to the Conway Elementary School.

On Tuesday, Conway Elementary School in Conway Village was used for the primary, and there issues were reported for motorists getting to the polls on Route 16, with southbound traffic backed up past the Four Corners.

Selectmen Tuesday (Feb. 18) will discuss the primary future polling locations. The meeting starts at 4 p.m. at town hall.

For most of the past 21 years, voting for town and national elections has primarily taken place in the Conway Community Building in Center Conway. With the relocation last year of the town recreation department, the building is currently closed.

On Wednesday, the municipal budget committee held its public hearing on the budget and also voted whether or not to recommend 36 warrant articles to residents who will then vote on town and school issues April 14.

Authorization to sell the Conway Community Building, the old Pine Tree School, located at 1808 East Main Street, is Article 30 on the warrant.

The town/school elections are scheduled for April 14 for SB2 voting; the Sept. 8 state and county election; and the presidential election on Nov. 3.

At Wednesday's meeting, Town Manager Tom Holmes confirmed that the town now rightfully owns the building.

"We received the deed in the mail," said Holmes. "The book and page are recorded in the Carroll County registry of deeds. We own it and now we can sell it."

It was recently discovered that the town didn't actually have the deed to the building which the school district had thought it passed to the town in the 1990s. So, the school board had to sign of on a new deed.

Holmes said the school donated the property to the town, and  a man named Harry Potter had donated it to the school. Because both donations were made for "public purposes" any sale of town property has to be approved by the conservation commission and the planning board.

"Then the selectmen will direct me as to the method of sales," said Holmes."And I have received some interest already."

Resident Amy Snow asked if the sale would be just the building or the  land as well. The property is just over four acres in total.

Holmes said the plan is to sell the building and the land.

Budgeteer Michael Fougere asked if there would be any restriction as to where money from the sale could be spent.

"No, when we sell that property, the money received will go into the general fund," said Holmes.

The budget committee voted 14-0 to support Article 30. Selectmen support Article 30, 5-0.

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