Brendan Elwell

Brendan Elwell is seen in his booking mugshot. (POLICE PHOTO)

OSSIPEE — A Wolfeboro man who was indicted on 12 counts of cruelty to animals for beating and mutilating cats has asked a judge to throw out statements he made to police before waiving his Miranda rights.

Brandon Elwell, 26, of Wolfeboro was indicted in September of 2021 for alleged crimes that took place between the summers of 2020 and 2021. Several of the indictments say he placed the remains of small cats along the Bridge Falls Path between Glendon Street parking lot and Center Street in Wolfeboro. Other indictments allege he brutalized cats in various ways such as "bashing" a cat in the face with a hammer. 

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Everyone who still eats animals, hunts animals, fishes, traps, buys leather, or buys fur, is guilty of animal cruelty and violation of their inherent sovereign right to life, liberty, freedom! Interesting that just below the article is a promotion for a "turkey trot" that ends up with children holding dead turkeys who died as horrible of deaths as the cats. They were mutilated, tortured, defeathered, and wrapped in bags for human consumption. Slaughterhouse workers or local "butchers" do that dirty work. The ONLY difference between this man and the carnist animal-violating culture, is that our laws are as duplicit as the ideology that created them.

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