Welcome to February and hopefully a big snowstorm. That would be perfect for the ski slopes during February vacation. Stay home, stay safe, and watch the flakes come down.

The paintings of Rosemary Gerbutavich are showing at the Snowvillage Inn in Eaton until the middle of March. Rosemary has been a lover of the visual arts from childhood and only since her retirement from a long and rewarding nursing career has she been able to pursue her passion for watercolor in which she thrives. She is best-known for her technique of extending her art images over the boundaries of the paper’s edge while continuing and completing the image onto the frame’s mat. Her approach has been described as “bright, bold colors with a ‘whimsical expression’ which reflects her personality in both life and in art.”

Gerbutavich is a juried member of Mt. Washington Valley Art Center and a gallery member of the Ellis River Art Gallery. She lives and works from her studio in Madison, and she received Best Visual Artist 2017 in The Conway Daily Sun. Jen Kovach, owner/innkeeper at the Snowvillage Inn is excited to have Gerbutavich to the inn.

“Her creativity shines through each piece of her collection. There’s a story in her work ready for discovery by the individual’s imagination,” Kovach said.

Make sure to stop by the Little Field Farm stand on Route 153 just north of Purity Spring, to sample their wonderful pastries, like cinnamon rolls, French croissants (some filled with ham and cheese, as well as almond paste or raspberry), their lemon tarts, Peter’s famous brown bread (secret family recipe), New York-style pizza, all sorts of delicious cookies, just to name a few items. Browse around in their great store for many other fun things such as mittens and scarves, and wooden toys. You will love everything. (Thanks Marylou and Peter). They are open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for your convenience. For more information, call (603) 447-1824.

Congratulations to Guillermo Chavarria Burns for taking first place for the Middle School’s Alpine Skiing event and for placing fourth in the giant slalom and fifth in the slalom. Guillermo, also known as G-Man, is the son of Alice Burns and Dilver Chavarria of Eaton, who are super proud of him as is his grandmother, Nan E. B. We all cheer you on, G-Man, and may you win lots of races.

Yesterday morning, I had a breakfast sandwich with egg, Swiss cheese, bacon and sausage on a gluten-free bun from the Eaton Village Store. Every Saturday and Sunday you can order their breakfast sandwiches (order them with the fabulous smoked meats, too), grilled cheeses, homemade soups, iced coffee (yes, I like it in the winter, too), and other beverages. Do you want to add a six pack of beer, a bottle of wine, tuna fish, eggs, butter, or other groceries? Just call (603) 447-2403 and make your order (this last part is available all week).

I hope everyone has finally registered for the first vaccine. Following all the directions was not always easy, and my date isn’t until late April, but hopefully, I can get that moved up and we can all get our second shots in a reasonable time frame.

Please, keep wearing your masks and washing your hands, leaving a 6-foot distance when near other people, and using hand sanitizer. It takes all of us to combat this horrible virus and we need to work together to get it under control. Think of other people and how following protocols can make their lives safer.

Many people want to know whom I’m rooting for in the Super Bowl, since I love Tom Brady and I adore Patrick Mahomes. Well, Brady doesn’t have too many more years of football left, and Mahomes has a long way to go, so yes, Brady is my man. Go teams!

Snowvillage Inn was rocking Thursday night as four of us celebrated a significant birthday of a friend and were treated like royalty. Hors d’oeuvres upstairs, a delicious dinner in the dining room (topped off with their signature chocolate cake), accompanied by a few beverages, of course, followed by a sleepover and an interesting adult card game. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to Jen, Kevin, Josh, Karen, Carrie, Darlene, Shirley, and everyone who prepared this wonderful evening for us. Chef Josh Burkett, you did an excellent job with your fabulous creations; everything you make is top notch. Yes, I know and adore your mom Debbie, but this particular honor is all yours. (Thanks, Lane, for having a birthday, and thanks to Colleen and Nancy A. also for the treasure of your friendship.)

I simply cannot grasp the fact that our dear friend, Terry Goslee, has indeed left us. My sister Judy was married for 20 years to Harry Fowler, whose daughter Cindy was married to Terry for 46 years. For so many years the families got together for cocktail parties, fun-filled dinners, almost all special holidays and just tons of visits back and forth with all of us. We could number from 8 to 12 or more sometimes. What do I remember? Laughing all the time, jokes, stories, friendship, kindness, sense of humor, support, trust, caring, sharing, togetherness, and a special kind of love among us all. Terry filled the room with his smile, always added anecdotes to the conversation, always found the best in people, shared his feelings, and above all, gave freely of his love for family, friends, and pets (and Christmas trees). We will miss you so much, and I send my deepest condolences to dear Cindy, Kate, Alison and Mark and Elle, and to all other family members and friends who loved him.

Nancy E. Williams can be contacted at (603) 447-5635.

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