By Nancy E. Williams. (603) 447-5635

What a difference a day makes, that’s for sure. Indeed, Monday, July 5, was the only really nice day of the weekend and that is the day we had for our July 4th picnic. Nine dedicated and loyal tent “put-er-uppers” showed on Saturday in the pouring rain: Chris Kennedy, Tom Head, Dick Eldridge, Ed Reilly, Stan Dudrick, Phil Lavori, Tom Irving, Dave Bailey and John Hartman. We all decided, "NO, NO, NO." On Sunday, when it actually only rained on us from 5 p.m.-6 p.m., we added Frank Holmes, John Hedden, Jacob MacGregor and a bit later, Michael Callis and Peter Klose.

A huge thank you to my loyal men once again. Thanks to Kate and Justin at EVS for donating bags of ice, beer, water and soda to the tent people.

Sunshine and cool breezes smiled down on the set-up crew on Monday morning: Judy Fowler, Alice Williams, Ellie Gaudet, Barb Holmes, Cindy Hall and husband John, Patricia McMurry, and Nancy and Bob Malvesta. Tablecloths, plates (large and small), napkins, silverware, all condiments, cut onions, chips and pickles were all checked off. A big thank you to all of you. Johnny Edge and Alana provided the rubbish barrels. Speaking of the tables we covered, miraculously thanks to Dick Fortin and his crew, five brand new beautiful tables appeared. Like I always have said, it takes a village.

Now to the food: Huge kudos to Chris Kennedy and Tom Head, who cooked up all the burgers (regular, turkey, and veggie), hot dogs, with or without cheese, and they provided all the rolls. Chris had this awesome new grill perfect for the picnic. People all brought delicious sides to share: hors d’oeuvres, green salad, baked beans, Mac and cheese, pasta and potato salads, and delicious desserts to melt in your mouth. Big thanks to everyone for sharing your special dishes. Almost everything was gone.

Dana Cunningham announced the big music event coming up on July 24 (see below in column). I spoke before the raffle (many thanks to Sandy Thoms and Lolly Cooper for selling the tickets), and I thanked Sunni and Ralph Wilkewitz who started this traditional party in 1992 at the Grove. It was then moved to our Eaton Beach and continued for another 22 years, creating wonderful camaraderie, togetherness, family and friends, super food and so many memories.

Sunni and Ralph opted out after all those years and decided to enjoy rather than put on the picnic. In 2014, the Eaton Community Circle took over and provided some great food for us all, and as good as it was, people wanted burgers and dogs. OK, then I came in. I get the big plates and napkins from Sam’s Club and then the whole village does the rest. I love you all and this would not go on without the fabulous people of Eaton. (I did find a watch with one side broken, an old fashioned one with an oval face. Let me know if you think it belongs to you.)

Dana Cunningham and Debbie Bryant won the raffle (about $150 each), and both ladies donated it to the Little White Church, which was greatly appreciated.

On Saturday, July 24, our Little White Church is reopening with a multi-musical celebration featuring the fully restored piano, played by Dana Cunningham and Ellen Schwindt and the sultry Caribbean tunes of the Mango Groove Steel Band. The event will begin at 2 p.m. with a short presentation from the NH Preservation Alliance honoring the steeple restoration, followed by piano music in the sanctuary.

At 3 p.m. Mango Groove will play as attendees enjoy and ice-cream social on the side lawn under the tent. All are welcome. Masks would be appreciated for non-vaccinated individuals. Donations will continue the work of maintaining our beautiful church. See you all there.

Kristy Foster-Carbone of Eaton has just installed an art show at the Cook Memorial Library in Center Tamworth. The show will be up for all of July and August. If you are able, make a trip to Tamworth and take a look at her artwork. Many of the pieces relate to books and were completed during the pandemic. There are a variety of pieces from paintings to abstract installations of conceptual art. If you have any thoughts about the work, Kristy would be happy to hear from you. Plan to go soon.

Just a reminder, Potter Road in Eaton from Route 153 to Greeley Road will be closed from July 12-October 31 for bridge construction.

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