I like cool weather, but a little bit warmer would be nice, right? The spitting snow the other day was a bit ridiculous, but hey, it is April in New Hampshire. Just be patient and the nice days are just around the corner.

If you want to eat this week in Eaton Center, you might be out of luck. Peter and Marylou Dow have closed their wonderful Little Field Farm stand until some time in May. It is time for lots of us to get caught up with our chores. I do miss the croissants, cookies and pizza, however.

The Eaton Village Store will not be open for its usual Thursday through Sunday breakfast and lunch specials this week. The post office will close Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at noon. Monday, Thursday, and Friday there will be someone in the post office to give you your packages from 1 to 4 p.m. like usual. I hope everyone is enjoying vacation week out there. I will miss the weekly specials and the pizza.

Snowvillage Inn will be closed this week because Jen and Kevin are giving vacation to their staff so they can be with their kids and enjoy the spring. (Whatever will we do next Saturday?) I suggest we all get outside, go for a nice walk (how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area), and get some much needed exercise (that is a statement to me anyway). I’m missing the great meals even now.

The Eaton Conservation Commission is again giving scholarships for Eaton children to attend Tin Mountain Conservation Center camps this summer. If interested, please contact Judy Fowler at (603) 447-5635 soon. Camp programs may be found online at tinmountain.org

Just to repeat, the new town clerk/tax collector’s office is now open on Mondays from 8 a.m. until noon and on Tuesdays from 2 to 6 p.m. Give Heather McKendry a call at (603) 447-2840 if you have any questions.

How is everyone doing getting their shots? It is so nice to feel safer now that I have been vaccinated. However, if an establishment requires a mask, I will wear one without a question. I would rather err on the safe side, wearing a mask and following social distancing. It is a wonderful feeling when people can actually hug now since the shots. That sense of touch is so important and we’ve all been missing that for a long, lonely time. Hopefully, this COVID-19 nightmare will wind down and we can finally be “normal,” whatever that involves. Thank you to everyone for being so cooperative in the Eaton Post Office. I like to think of Eaton as a big family of friends, and neighbors.

This Thursday, I can finally go to the Stone Mountain Arts Center to see my good friend Don Campbell and eat a five-course meal (if that is actually possible for me). Then on Friday, the Simon Crawford Band is back at Tuckerman’s Brewery near the hockey rink from 3 to 6 p.m. I can hardly wait to laugh, sing, dance and visit with so many special people. I hope everyone will go. I feel a huge smile starting right now. How about you?

I’ve put this in once, I think, but it is certainly appropriate at this time: “Whether the weather be fine, Whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Whether the weather be hot, We’ll weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not.” — Author unknown

Nancy E. Williams can be contacted at (603) 447-5635.

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