The May 6 selectmen’s meeting was held on the phone (480-660-5317, code 540682) and on the screen ( Physically in the room were Chairman Rick Hiland, Selectman Cathy Ryan, Town Clerk/Tax Collector DeAnn LeBlanc, Town Administrator Kelly Collins and Sean Wadsworth of the planning board. On the phone were Selectman Joe Ferris and Dorothy Solomon.

The selectmen agreed to table for a week two Intents to Cut Timber as both intents are off Passaconaway Road. This will give the board more time to get professional opinions regarding road conditions. It will also allow the town to get clarification of the town’s ability require a road bond.

The select board agreed to accept funds and a grant agreement with N.H. Department of Environmental Services and authorized Wadsworth (planning board member) to execute the necessary documents. This project will look into groundwater protection and come up with a plan and budget for the project.

Please go to to learn about town hall operations during COVID-19 pandemic. It will advise you on what, how, when you can get any and all services provided by the town.

Once again the “irregular selectmen’s meeting” was held on May 13. In person were Hiland, Ryan, Collins and Road Agent Curtis Coleman. On the phone were Ferris, Solomon, Tim Nolin, forester, Tod and Susan Anderson and Travis Kniel, logger.

There was a discussion regarding logging work around Passaconaway Road, and both the forester and logger showed understanding of the problems associated with the road and agreed to the terms Curtis Coleman presented regarding weather conditions and size of logging vehicle.

The select board has accepted Hiland’s resignation from the planning board. He was thanked for his participation. A new member of the aelect board will be chosen to serve as a liaison to the planning board at the next selectmen’s meeting as it is a requirement.

New policies regarding town hall operations can be found at All changes took effect on May 18.

Hiland reported that the liquor commission advised the town that a farm on Chase Hill Road is looking for a “wine manufacturer” license to ferment apples juice into hard cider, and they requested the town’s OK. That was done.

Each town that is a member of Carroll County Broadband working with rural strategies will be asked to put a link on their website to complete a questionnaire for their residents to complete.

On the phone, Susan Anderson explained that she and Tom participated in rubbish pickup from the side of the road in her neighborhood (Bald Hill Road). They picked up three 33-gallon bags of trash, most of which were empty cans of Twisted Tea.

It appears that someone driving by chucked them out of the window since a week after the initial pickup there was an additional bag full of these cans. She asked what could be done about stopping this and Hiland suggested she write the town and he would get in touch with the sheriff’s department.

Have you completed your 2020 census yet? It’s really important that you do. Currently, Carroll County ranks at the bottom of New Hampshire counties when it comes to census response rates. The data on the forms is crucial for many of the programs we need to support. Go to or call (844) 330-2020 to get your form to fill out. Ask your friends and family to do the same.

Waldorf School: Due to challenges of the current economy and dwindling enrollment, the school will close its doors at the end of June. Though no longer operating as a school they will continue to aid those in pursuit of a Waldorf education in Mount Washington Valley as a way of giving back to the community. They will continue to instill creativity and desire for learning, cultivate social responsibility and personal integrity and support the home and greater community.

If you have questions you can reach out to Shannon McKenney, Board of Trustees President by calling (518) 791-0028 or write to or Carolyn Harrison (teacher and parent) at (603) 662-4740 or Heather Burnell (parent and enrollment and marketing director) at (603) 651-8925.

UNH: If you have questions to ask farmers they are available via phone, email, or virtual visits. Contact Questions for home gardeners can be answered by contacting at or (877) 398-4769. Also, learn how to keep yourself safe from ticks and tick borne diseases by going online to and go to Events and Tick Safe Practices: An Online Educational Session For All.

Welcome home to Carol Monroe who was in Florida.

Welcome to Lisa Stowell who is now living with her mom, Sandy. As you may recall, Lisa had a terrible motorcycle accident and lost the use of her left leg. She now has a prosthesis. She has also been retired from the Army. Albany sends its best wishes for your continued good health, Lisa.

To all you good folks of Albany, keep healthy, wear your masks and gloves and keep your distance when in public. We’ll get through these awful times together.

Send your news to Mary Leavitt at (603) 367-9133 or Dorothy Solomon at (603) 447-1199.

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