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Some of the volunteers at Window Dressers, a non-profit in Rockland, Maine. (COURTESY PHOTO)

ALBANY — Tin Mountain Conservation Center's Weatherize Campaign of 2019 more than tripled the number of homes in the Mount Washington Valley that obtained rebates from NHSAVES as compared to 2018.

In 2018, the year prior to the campaign, a total of 10 homeowners in the Mount Washington Valley took advantage of the available matching rebates of up to $4,000 per home.

In 2019, 29 homeowners completed energy efficiency upgrades to their homes through the program with an additional 17 homes still in-process for a total of 46 homes.

NHSAVES is sponsored by the Public Utilities Commission and the four utility companies in the state to promote energy efficiency through discounted home energy audits, the rebate program for home weatherization and a host of discounted energy efficient appliances and lighting fixtures.

The program is still available in 2020 for homes that are determined to have excessive heating costs. Eligibility guidelines are available at

One of Tin Mountain's objectives is to connect residents of the Mount Washington Valley with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and save money in the process.

In 2017, Tin Mountain joined forces with the MWV Citizens for an Energy Efficient Community to form the Tin Mountain Energy Team. In three years, the Energy Team has hosted a number of community workshops on solar energy, including DIY solar and municipal solar installations.

The group also held a Button Up workshop to demonstrate to homeowners DIY strategies for saving heating costs.

For 2020, the Tin Mountain Energy Team is teaming up with another great organization, Window Dressers of Maine to provide energy savings to homeowners.

Window Dressers is a non-profit organization that, with volunteer help, measures and builds custom-fitting pine and double-layered plastic interior insulating window inserts.

The inexpensive, transparent inserts have a 5- to-7-year life and save a homeowner up to 25 percent on fuel costs while creating a warmer, less drafty home. Drop by the Gibson Center for Senior Services to see the inserts in place.

Since 2012, Window Dressers has helped Maine residents save an estimated 1.3 million gallons of heating oil,and consequently saved them money and reduced CO2 emissions.

Recently, the organization has begun expanding to include northern New England, and the Energy Team is excited to be one of the first New Hampshire programs.

Anyone interested in learning about Window Dressers is encouraged to go to Those interested in becoming involved with the Energy Team or want to consider placing an order for inserts can contact Nora at

The March eco-forum on March 12 at noon, which will focus on the upcoming MWV Window Dressers campaign, the effectiveness of the inserts and the various ways to get involved, is another way to learn more about the Energy Team.

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