Carol Severance Taylor

Carol Severance Taylor will be presenting her 2018 book "Woodsmoke: The Story of Severance Lodge" at Harvest Gold Gallery on Saturday, July 13. (COURTESY PHOTO)

LOVELL, Maine — Portland, Maine-born author Carol Severance Taylor will be presenting her 2018 book “Woodsmoke: The Story of Severance Lodge” during a book signing at Harvest Gold Gallery, also known as the Old Severance House, in Center Lovell, Maine, on Saturday from 10 a.m-1 p.m.

Taylor’s first full-length book details the history of Lovell’s Severance Lodge from 1930-70. The stories are based on her own memories and on the memoir of her father, Harold E. Severance.

Severance Lodge is located on the eastern shore of Kezar Lake and is a popular summer vacation spot, home to the Severance Lodge Club, a private community that dates back to the late 1800s.

The club offers fine dining as well as a tennis court, nearby golf courses, and of course, the sparkling shores of Kezar Lake for those who enjoy swimming or the occasional boat ride.

As Harold Severance wrote: “You’ll play the day away and sleep like a baby.”

For lovers of history, especially the history of this town, the book is filled with stories of Severance Lodge and the family that made it what it is today.

Taylor will be signing copies of “The Story of Severance Lodge” among paintings of Kezar Lake by artists like Shelley Pilsbury and Rebecca Klementovich.

For more information, contact the gallery at (207) 925-6502 or go to

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