Thanks to all who took part in the two big events over the holiday week and weekend. The Fourth in the Park and the first ever Food Truck Festival were successful in spite of the penetrating heat. We liked the food truck event so much that we’re planning to host several more in the months to come. And, we are deeply grateful to organizer Kimberly Harvey of Kimberly’s Gluten Free Kitchen and also to Greg Frizzell of the Mount Washington Radio Group for his important sponsorship of this first-time event.

The 2019 edition of the North Conway Community Center summer camp is going well. We are pleased to welcome 80 or so youngsters both from here and from away, and who we hope will all have a fun time with us over the summer. It is especially satisfying for us to see returning campers and to catch up on what feels like the very short time since we bid them farewell late last August. The field trip schedule is in place and this week we go to White Lake. Thanks also to leader Dominic Knox for stepping up as our counselor coordinator. Dom is doing a fabulous job.

For those of you who waited too long, camp applications are still being accepted — for one week or the full summer, all are welcome. And please remember, every Wednesday is our optional field trip day — this week we’re off to Story Land.

The big news is that we are looking to fill the new full-time, year-round position of general manager here at the center. Please see the ad in The Conway Daily Sun that started on July 9.

After much deliberation, Ian Harmon has left us to return to graduate school and we thank him for his service since early last year. My plans are to step aside from day-to-day operations and do purely fundraising and PR, of which this weekly column is just one facet. The new general manager will take the center to the next level with both programming and facility upkeep and usage. This is a truly an exciting time for your community center.

We are thrilled to report that our new solar panels are already generating more than enough electricity for the center’s day-to-day use. The 52 panels will generate 18,200 kW of power each year, and even on cloudy days there is still some gain, thus saving us money each and every day.

We have a real time online view of the process and will soon install a lobby display for all to see. As of today, the energy we have saved offers the environmental impact of having planted 208 trees. And our New Hampshire Electric Cooperative’s electric bill has dropped to less than 12 percent of what it once was.

Adult basketball continues to take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Monday (ages 30 and older) and Wednesday (ages 18 to 30) evenings.

Indoor advanced pickleball will still take place here on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. and Sundays remain an option if there is a coordinator.

Volleyball now takes place each Friday evening and we are pleased to welcome this new-to-us summer activity.

Please be aware that the Mount Washington Valley Pickleball Group has shifted for the most part to its summer location at the Club at Christmas Mountain in Glen. Mount Washington Valley Pickleball Group varied schedule is on its Facebook page.

Thanks to Bob Drake for stepping into the role of North Conway Community Center facility coordinator. Bob has also installed new blackout curtains on the east doors as well as a video camera so players can record games. Thank you, Bob.

For schedule times and changes, go to or the center’s Facebook page, which we try to keep up to date. We can’t always get to the phone while programs are underway, or we are busy cleaning, so this is a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions in real time. We are always closed on Sundays except for private groups.

For more information on programs and activities at the center, call (603) 356-2096 or email Our web and Facebook pages are also kept up to date with information and are always your best bet for timely updates. Mary Ann and Tim are on site most days.

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