The extensive search for a new general manager for the North Conway Community Center is complete and we are pleased to report that an offer has been made and accepted. These are exciting times for your community center. Watch for a public announcement later this week and a Tom Eastman feature story.

With just two weeks left of summer camp, here are this week’s honors bestowed on Friday at assembly: the counselor of the week was Jerry Britto and the camper of the week is Paisley Spittler.

Jerry has become a priceless part of the center's summer camp staff. He is super involved with the campers and is a true fan favorite and is always surrounded by them. His efforts are greatly appreciated by the staff and his ability to connect with the campers is unmatched. Jerry also has the ability to get on the same level as the kids to make games and competition that much more fun for the campers. Jerry has grown tremendously over the past weeks at camp and is truly one of a kind. Thank you, Jerry.

As one of our youngest campers this year, Paisley’s kind spirit and warm heartedness is what makes this camper so wonderful. She is always smiling and having a good laugh with fellow campers as well as our staff. It seems as though everywhere she goes she is smiling and laughing. Paisley is often in the arts and crafts room making a rather unique piece of artwork along with the other campers. Paisley’s positive attitude and kind heartedness easily rubs off on other campers and staff and it is a true pleasure to have her at the center this summer. Thank you, Paisley.

A big thank you to both of them for being examples for all of us. They and 10 other campers enjoyed free Ben & Jerry’s on Friday. Thanks, Vinnie.

This week’s field trip is to the fabulous Squam Lake Science Center, mixing a little fun with learning. First come first served for the first 50 paid campers.

Thanks again to New England Ski Museum staffer and camper parent Eric Elam for stepping up to do the mowing and weed whacking.

We are thrilled to report to our donors that our new solar panels are already generating more than enough electricity for the center’s day-to-day use. The 52 panels will generate 18,200 kW of power each year, and even on cloudy days there is still some gain, thus saving us money each and every day. We have a real time online view of the process and will soon install a lobby display for all to see. As of today, the energy we have saved offers the environmental impact of having planted almost 300 trees. Our current New Hampshire Electric Co-op bill has dropped to less than 6 percent of what it was in July one year ago.

Adult basketball continues to take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Monday (ages 30 and older) and Wednesday (18 to 30) evenings.

Indoor advanced pickleball will still take place here on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. and Sundays remain an option if there is a coordinator.

Volleyball now takes place each Friday evening and we are pleased to welcome this new-to-us summer activity. A big thank you to new coach Craig Bartolomei for taking on this project.

Fall sports will begin with signups in early September as the youngsters return to school. We have no center staff coaches at this time so are on the lookout for parents who want to help coach as this is going to be critical for all sports over the coming year. Please reach out as soon as possible if you are interested.

Please be aware that pickleball has shifted for the most part to their summer location at the Club at Christmas Mountain in Glen and Mount Washington Valley Pickleball Group's varied schedule is available on its Facebook page. Thanks to volunteer extraordinaire Bob Drake for stepping into the role of facility coordinator. Bob has also installed new blackout curtains on the east (Main Street) doors as well as a video camera so players can record games. Thank you, Bob.

For schedule times and changes, go to or our Facebook page, which we try to keep up to date. We can’t always get to the phone while programs are underway or we are busy cleaning, so this is a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions in real time. We are always closed on Sundays except for private groups.

For more information on programs and activities at the center call (603) 356-2096 or email Our web and Facebook pages are also kept up to date with information and are always your best bet for timely updates.

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