CONWAY — The Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club will once again offer a fall academy for young booters.

The cost is $50 per child.

“The primary focus for the Sunday morning program, according to its website, is “the development of soccer players in a fun environment for ages U3 to U12. All Sessions are at the Kennett Middle School (pending field approval). The program begins Sunday, Sept. 13 and ends with the annual Pugg-a-Palooza on Sunday, Oct. 18. No session is scheduled for October 11.

To register go to Returning players will need to create a new account.

What to bring to the training sessions: soccer cleats, shin guards, appropriate shorts and shirt or warmer clothes for the fall and a water bottle

“MWVSC strongly believes financial hardship should not prevent players from participating in the club programs,” the website states. “Player/parents are encouraged to speak confidentially with a club board member and/or Kelly Gagnon. The club will work to determine a mutually beneficial solution.

“The Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club is committed toward not only developing high-level players but coaches and parents as well. It views itself primarily as an educational organization dedicated to the betterment of the game of soccer in the Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire, Western Maine and nationally.”

The club is always looking for volunteers for these programs. The prerequisites are “to be able to smile, laugh and have fun with kids.”

Parents are encouraged to review the club’s Code of Conduct with their players before the start of each practice. “We value sportsmanship and take it seriously,” the website states.

U4 Parent-Me — “Fun and positive introduction to soccer for our youngest players. Our curriculum engages youngsters with entertaining activities that promote motor skill development and cognitive ability. Parents and players participate together. Price includes size 3 soccer ball for each player to keep. Register early, maximum of 25 players.

Dates: Sept. 13, 20 and 27, Oct. 4 and 18 capped off by Pugg-a-Palooza. Each session is from 10:30 to 11 a.m. at the Kennett Middle School. Cost: $50

U5-U6 Fall Academy — “Help youngsters develop a lifelong love of soccer while they begin to learn about playing in a team environment. Our curriculum includes energetic, all-inclusive games that teach basics about playing with a group. Last 15 minutes of each session in a fun, friendly, scrimmage (4v4).”

Sept. 13, 20 and 27, Oct. 4 and 18 capped off by Pugg-a-Palooza. Each session is from 10 to 10:45 a.m. at the Kennett Middle School. Cost: $50

U7-U8 Fall Academy — “A great introduction to competitive soccer. Teaches advanced skills such as dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting in a team format. Kids scrimmage and learn to play together as a team (4v4.)

Sept. 13, 20 and 27, Oct. 4 and 18 capped off by Pugg-a-Palooza. Each session is from 10 to 11 a.m. at the Kennett Middle School. Cost: $50

Refund policy: “As a result of the postponement and cancelation of sporting events as a government-mandated response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), MWVSC has implemented a specific refund policy to address the uncertainty into deposits and fees for the 2020-2021 season. MWVSC will refund fees proportional to that part of the season that does not take place.

“For our Sunday morning Fall Academy, we will refund $10 for each session that is canceled due to government-mandated response to the Coronavirus. There is not a refund for weather cancelations.

“Should any family express a critical need for a full refund, MWVSC will draw from our Rocco scholarship fund to meet this need.”

The club last year announced its pledge to build a unique, positive soccer culture by adopting the United Soccer Coaches “Commitment to Culture.”

“The Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club is committed to exemplifying and embracing the Commitment to Culture and its seven cornerstones in growing the culture of soccer,” said Director of Coaching David Hart during an interview at the Sun last Wednesday. “We will serve the game that we love so much by embracing these cornerstones and demonstrating them with our players, families, coaches, referees and fans.”

The United Soccer Coaches “Commitment to Culture,” according to its website, “was developed by coaches of all levels to build a culture that celebrates what is best about soccer and helps it transcend from not only what happens on the field but also to what happens in the lives of players, coaches, administrators, referees, families and friends. As the unifying voice, advocate and partner for coaches at all levels, United Soccer Coaches launched this effort on October 10, 2018.”

The Commitment to Culture adopted by Mount Washington Valle Soccer Club reinforces the following beliefs about the beautiful game:

“We believe…

“1. Soccer unites us. We embrace and celebrate our differences because the game makes us one.

“2. Character first. We honor, teach and develop the core values of honesty, loyalty, responsibility, selflessness, compassion and discipline.

“3. The rule of fun. Fun is the lens that can make every soccer player a success. Fun takes many forms and always concludes with “I want to do it again.

“4. The game is the teacher. We are all responsible to ensure that soccer teaches the skills of a well-lived life. Teamwork, leadership, hard work, communication and creativity are just the beginning of its lessons.

“5. Well-being. A safe, healthy, welcoming experience in body, mind and spirit is the right of every soccer stakeholder.

“6. We are family strong. Family in all its forms – team, club, community, relatives – is the greatest asset that soccer has. Take time to connect and appreciate.

“7. Soccer is the player’s game. Soccer is a personal journey for every player. It is for the player to see, decide, create and win or lose. It is their game.

“By demonstrating these cornerstones in all facets of the game, Mount Washington Valley Soccer will be a change agent in strengthening the culture of soccer in the United States.”

MWVSC encourages players and families to visit its website ( to find out more about current and upcoming programs.

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