During the past year many homeowners realized that they want their homes to look and perform much better in response to the changing dynamic and role that a home plays.

Due to COVID-19 homes have been transformed to serve as offices, classrooms, playgrounds, gyms, theaters, spas, campsites and a host of other purposes. Many of our clients are looking for solutions to make their homes better places to work, live, entertain, exercise and relax.   

The expertise that a professional showroom offers to design dream kitchens and baths extend to other rooms in the home. Cabinetry is extremely flexible. It can help bring order to a chaotic mudroom. The same principles used to create space where none may currently exist and organize kitchens, can be applied to entry halls, closets, laundry rooms, dens, living rooms and mud rooms to name a few that enable homeowners (in name of service territory) to declutter or simply to better organize boots, shoes, coats, umbrellas and other items that might be stuffed into a hall closet or deposited on the floor.

Master bedroom and other closet spaces also can be greatly enhanced by using cabinet design principles and products. If you are tired of waking up to a mountain of clothes in the middle of your or your children’s closet, let us work our magic into your home by proposing closet organizing systems and designs that will find a place for everything and put everything you want in a place that you want it.  

Another underused room in the home that can provide superb functionality combined with a powerful aesthetic is the garage. Shelving and storage systems for garage space can help assure a clean floor and avoid the possibility of damage to tools and other items that typically site on the floor from water damaged.

Design expertise that improves the functionality of small kitchens is equally applicable to other rooms in the home. Our team knows how to make the most out of smaller spaces. How can you better organize rooms in your home to improve not only how they look, but also how they function? Give Country Cabinets, etc. a call at (603-356-5766) or email (ccetc@countrycabinetsetc.com) to make an appointment to visit the showroom.

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