There were 14 responses to the TeleTalk question. "Do you think a 30-by-30-foot parcel on Norcross Circle behind the New England Ski Museum is a good location for public restrooms?"

The location seems fine to me. However, will local property taxes pay for any construction cost? Will local property taxes pay for the upkeep of the facilities? Will local property taxes pay for any insurances? Will local property taxes pay for the daily cleaning labor and cleaning supplies? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" then I would not be inclined to support it. Perhaps, the cost for upkeep might be mitigated by installing pay toilets? Mark Hounsell

If the chamber spent half as much time proactively working toward housing solutions for the feudal peasants that they expect to run their precious attractions as they spend on trying to figure out where our weekend overlords can take a dump, this town may stand a small chance of retaining a shred of character, rather than becoming the full-blown Moron Utopia that they so desperately want to be. When the best idea on the table is to fundraise $300,000, it certainly sounds to me like the local business owners are about to be asked to spend money and resources on this project, rather than their employees. After which, who will foot the bill for the staff required to monitor and clean the facilities? Pardon me, if while 50 percent of the valley currently has COVID-19, I struggle to remember why I care where these people go poo-poo on a Saturday afternoon. Andy Poster

We believe this could work, perhaps add a full-time attendant with office. This will allow high sanitary standards at all times. A voluntary donation cup to be placed at the entrance. Perhaps various toiletries could be offered for purchase. Don't forget the canned music!

I would be content with any location and any facility bought, built and maintained at the cost of the Chamber of Commerce of the so-called Mount Washington Valley, the members of which are largely responsible for the pressure to provide public bathrooms, and profit most from the people who would use them. William Marvel

Does the fundraising plan include operating and maintenance costs from completion into the future? If so, that is all good. But I trust that if the town is pulled into this support that it will come to the voters with cost estimates so they can decide to support it was or not.

In regard to the location of the restroom facilities, this is long overdue. I cannot believe that the city and town fathers, as you would call them, have let this thing go way beyond what it should be. People who come up here as tourists want to be able to go to a place and use a restroom. All the businesses around here don't have restrooms for the public. So one of the solutions to the problem is build the damn thing, make it even twice the size, put it in the same location and ask for contributions from each and every business in and around that area that will probably have their customers use it. A small donation would maintain toilet paper, have it cleaned every day, opened and closed. It's a no-brainer. I can't believe the town fathers have let it go this long and this far. You need restrooms for children as well as adults. And it's got to be handicapped accessible. This is Lou in Center Conway saying let's get with it. Get it done. Let's not play with the tourists.

I just do not think that's a very good place to put a bathroom, right next to a playground, really? You've made the strip look like an eyesore. So why don't you just go ahead and make the village look like an eyesore. I'm from Conway.

OK, this is becoming ridiculous. You already have bathrooms in the community center and at the ski museum. There is absolutely no reason to build a $300,000 building for bathrooms on the same very property that already has bathrooms. I'm telling you, this town has lost their collective minds. Use the bathrooms that are already on that property. You simply pay someone to clean them. It's really not rocket science, people. And while you're at it, have some garbage cans left out during the wintertime in the village of North Conway. You take them away and where do you think people put their garbage? Right on the ground and in every store's entryway. You're the only town I know of that doesn't provide a trash receptacle, but you're worried about bathrooms where you already have them. Come on, people.

I think that's a perfect place for public restrooms. Maybe on top of the building, you could put a sign — sponsored by Vail — Vail Headquarters, because they're in the toilet. The Wildcat GM lies, says they make snow day and night. I haven’t seen snow-making up there for a week and a half.

What a funny question. I would think that maybe using some of these short-term rental properties to use their bathrooms since they want to always have their places open. So I think short-term rentals are a good idea for the public bathrooms.

We already have a restroom. It's called Mount Massachusetts Valley. And your paper products? The Conway Daily Woke Times. And the janitor? The Eaton-indoctrinated Democrat Ph.D. educator, the crowd flasher himself. Pathetic, all pathetic.

I have a better idea. Have the state condemn the Gibson Center building and turn it into a 50-60 stall feces house.

I really don't care. I have more important things to worry about.

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