This week’s Tele-Talk question: “How did you celebrate Independence Day differently this year?" received 17 responses.

Working on our house, enjoying our pool with my family, nice quiet cookout at home. Family time! Pam Black-DeSouza

Staying home and letting the tourists come and enjoy what I can’t because like most everyone else I work during the week, and we’re overrun by entitled visitors tearing up and crowding the natural resources I would love to have an opportunity to enjoy every damn weekend. Uncle-Dan Lavigne

I hiked alone instead of the usual watching of the Conway parade with friends. I always skip the fireworks, so that wasn’t any different for me. Rebekah Bushey

I’m staying as far away from all the out of state plates as possible. Amanda Miller Walker

Stayed home! Bridget Iannuzzi

Staying home because so many damn Massheads are here, and they are all rude and trash everything. Nick Avignone

Crazy how everybody will be altering their plans because the government says to. What exactly is the reason we celebrate Independence Day? Paul Gallichotte

Contemplating that someone here is spending their last night as the owner of all their various extremities and what combination of alcohol, explosive devices and a disregard for common sense brought them to this new normal. Abram Keitovich

I’m working at Hannaford. Raven Skye

I plan on having a small get together and talk about how government tyranny hasn't stopped. That's why we can't go to the fireworks this year. But rioting is fine. Todd Geer

Witnessed a three-car accident in Conway by the fire station. Albion Charles

By staying in too many tourists Kendra Disilva

By not going to Hannaford or Walmart. Thomas Bouchie

1. By humbly acknowledging that while I sit in comfort and privilege, millions of my fellow black Americans still do not enjoy the unencumbered ability to pursue happiness as I do, a white woman. 2. That I will do everything in my power to rid the executive branch of our current president, in an effort, in part, to make this country more closely aligned with its noble compact declared in 1776. Jen Bella

Of course the valley knows how to party. Isn't that what this area is all about? I choose to stay home. For locals will work this weekend or stay in. First Bridge was packed. No social distancing. And next week the virus will spread, and everyone will be wondering why. As far as masks are concerned, it has become a fad that will never go away. How unfair for future generations. Susan Baker, Jackson.

This is Jim in Glen. We canceled our travel plans and celebrated one nation under God, with friends locally. How blessed we are to live in this wonderful country. God bless.

As quietly as I can and as safely as I can. But it's extremely hard because so many people from Massachusetts and New York come barging in here, very rude to the public, very attitude with their vehicles. Keep them out. This is Ralph from North Conway.

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