To the editor:

This past week a great entertainer, Regis Philbin, passed away. Our beloved president was all over Twitter saying how sorry he was, and extended his “condolences” almost immediately.

Another great person also passed, the honorable John Lewis. It took more than 12 hours before a tweet came from the White House.

President Donald Trump even had the flag on the White house raised after a few hours after Mr. Lewis’ death, against all convention and decorum. His staff had to argue and plead to lower the flag to honor this great stateman.

And then came the funeral for one of the pioneers of civil rights and equality. Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were there. President Jimmy Carter sent his regrets due to the danger of travel with the coronavirus. How many from the current administration were there?

Because Rep. Lewis said a few choice words about the inaction from the White House and current occupant about the lack of restraint by the “police” or the encouragement of the far right (“good people”).

At least from what I saw, no one from the current administration showed up to the funeral.

Childish behavior (“he called me names”)? Hurt feelings (“more people like him than me”)? Contempt for civility? Afraid of protests?

You decide. And remember this November.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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