To the editor:

On Aug. 13, Melissa Wood wrote an interesting letter regarding red hats and African-American people in Tom McLaughlin’s “experiment” in Portland, Maine, references in his column on Aug. 8. She then said she is offended by the Democrats erasing history.

I have a question for Wood: Would she welcome three new statues in Schouler Park: Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Idi Amin? They are a part of “history.” But should we honor these leaders? They all committed atrocities at an unspeakable level. The “history” that we are removing is similar: the people who fought for slavery. 

According to “history,” the slaves in America were beaten, raped, forced to work for little more than one lousy meal each day or even killed. And the killings were for little things like eating fruit the slaves were picking (because they were hungry). The slaves were considered subhuman and worth nothing. Sound familiar? Idi Amin lived in palaces while his country burned and his people died of starvation and disease. Hitler killed anyone who was not of the Aryan race, though he was far from Aryan.

Every day, statues of the “heroes” of the Confederacy remind African-Americans of the brutalities of the time leading to the Civil War.

So let us build statues of Hitler and Adolf Eichmann from WWII or Pol Pot from Asia or even Maj. Eugene M. Baker and place them in Schouler Park to remind us of their great deeds.

And those principles you speak of — compassion, friendship and caring — have all seemed to go up in a puff of (now polluted) smoke.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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