To the editor:

At the Effingham selectmen’s meeting on May 18 it was mentioned that Michael Cahalane, former selectman, who was voted out on Election Day, May 11, offered to volunteer his personal assistance. This would include overseeing the Snow Road Bridge construction, overseeing needs of Bailey Road and continue as the health officer.

My main concerns are:

1. The continued availability to the town office building, at his leisure.

2. Liability of having access to a set of keys to the town office building (which they should have been turned in immediately).

3. Availability of office personnel to perform any work for Michael Cahalane.

4. To be sure no form of funds, payments, perks, etc. are given to Michael Cahalane.

5. Town liability of having access to confidential information of community people and their personal affairs. ie: HIPPA, legal info. (Above all, let us not forget, Mr. Cahalane sued the town of Effingham previously.)

6. Town liability allowing Michael Cahalane to oversee bridge sites or road construction without any bridge expertise or knowledge of same.

Victoria M. Kirkwood


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Gregory Wallace

Victoria. your concerns are well founded. This is a man that refused to submit any record of his past employment because of his "Retirement". He was voted out with a lot of bad feelings toward his riding rough shod over town residents that disagreed with his "Managerial techniques.". He was elected under less than onerous circumstances as it was. He should have no more access to the town hall than I do. I think an audit of past transactions during his "Reign" are in order. I am serious about this. Something stinks in Effingham.

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