To the editor:

Jim Pietrangelo’s rant in Saturday’s Conway Sun failed to provide concrete evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. Therefore, he has failed to adequately refute Quddus Snyder’s and Tad Furtado’s letters on the “Big Lie.”

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Bill Scott

Anonymous former copper MEPD knows that it is not a trial (that's coming tho). The Donald will have plenty of chances to call witnesses and to cross-examine the prosecutions in that matter, but will not have much of a chance.

Betcha MEPD will anonymously question the Donald's conviction!


"They have built a substantial case for Donald Trump’s culpability in spreading his lie about election fraud and attempting the first coup to overthrow the U.S. government in history."

So it doesn't even occur to you that they haven't had any cross-examination or challenging probing questions by the Republicans? How about looking into what Nancy Pelosi was doing that day or prepared for? Or, where is Ray Epps? Or, why this entire Monkey Trial is being professionally directed, produced, and edited by a Hollywood Director, or being aired by the major liberal "news" networks?

Tell me you can't be that easily led by the nose or not even slightly skeptical, if not downright cynical by this.

Or maybe your TDS has completely clouded your judgment or any possibility of being honest or objective.


When election laws regarding state-specific voting deadlines are changed outside the legislative process (such as occurred in the key state of Pennsylvania), we all should be able to agree that confidence with results is undermined. And that is just one of the complexities of the voting process. This should not just be left to political whims because confidence in our politicians was undermined long ago. Under the Constitution, the responsibility to determine the times, places, and manner of elections lies solely within the legislative process. What goes around comes around, so let's see how much confidence exists post November 2022 elections. Support voter iD, enforce citizenship requirement to vote, and clean-up voter registrations. My confidence just skyrocketed!

Jeff Patch


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