To the editor:

With abundant evidence accumulating that there was no significant fraud in the 2020 election why are some on the right convinced that Donald Trump won? My guess is that they are constrained from stating their real thoughts about some of the voters: Blacks and Latino Americans. They are threatened by the prediction that whites will soon be a minority in the U.S., and they see the white “race” as the driving force for American greatness.

The United States, as a great global power, dawned in the early 1900s, when European multitudes immigrated. Jews from eastern Europe, Armenians fleeing the Turks, and Italians Irish and Germans seeking better financial and political prospects. At this point, America was already great, due partly from the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty, the Constitution and the toil of the Black population, whose generations helped build America. The Blacks migrated internally northward after 1910, seeking freedom from racist Jim Crow laws.

Many Trump voters, in part, fear Black and other minority voters, because as they rise economically and politically, they challenge the relative status of some white voters who have a feeling of superiority, mainly due to their color.

They fear the great American dream of opportunity for all, where we are “judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin” — (Martin Luther King Jr).

They cannot admit this and hide behind conspiracy theories rather than attack our constitutional rights. They are lost in a hall of mirrors!

Susan Rheault

North Conway

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I will answer your letter Susan. Hopefully t will be available to tell you the truth about how the black community benefited from the white man and have not used near as much as is available to move forward. Your fear is misplaced.

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