To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu suddenly says he supports gigantic wind farms off our coast, yet it is estimated they will take more than 10 long years to yield any benefit. He proposes expansions of net energy metering that are weak in comparison to the bipartisan bill he vetoed.

Sununu’s new energy initiatives are merely a grand stunt for November elections. He has repeatedly disputed the scientific consensus of the cause of rising global temperatures and has absolutely no interest in helping residents facing environmental issues. His base and corporate supporters would not allow it.

Let’s not forget that Sununu supported President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; how he refused to join with other New England governors of both parties in a climate change alliance; and then he boastfully vetoed 55 bipartisan bills passed through the New Hampshire Legislature last year.

Sununu vetoed solar legislation that would have helped towns install solar panels and save tax dollars. He undermined funding sources for the energy efficiency programs that help keep our energy bills manageable. He gutted the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard that ensures our utility companies purchase at least some clean energy to power our homes and businesses. Sununu has welcomed polluting gas lines to New Hampshire. All this is bad for our heath and economic well-being.

Shockingly, Sununu picked an education commissioner who believes we should stop teaching issues relating to the climate to our children. Our governor has a record of energy and environmental policies that puts the interests of his wealthy corporate donors above the people of New Hampshire. Now, he wants to keep our children from understanding science.

We must not forget Sununu’s insulting history of obstruction. Please join me in voting him out of office and electing a candidate we can trust who has the intelligence to understand climate science.

Susan Raymond


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