To the editor:

The Tele-Talk question on affordable housing from Saturday I would like to answer.

As it stands right now there isn't any affordable housing in this valley. We all know there isn't. Who can actually afford $1,200 to $1,500 or more a month without anything else included? You can't.

The jobs in this valley don't pay well enough to match the rents that are currently available. Forget trying to buy a house in the valley. They are so inflated it's unreal.

The majority of the jobs here in the valley are paying a $10 or less an hour and you can't survive on just one job alone. A lot of people have to work two or three jobs just to barely get by.

I think that rents should be around $600 to $700 dollars a month. These people who work two or three jobs don't have time with their families because they are so busy trying to provide for them.

There are families out there that are paying high dollar rent that are crappy places. They try to find something better but can't because there is nothing out there that people can afford — period.

Something needs to be changed not just on rents but the prices of food, cable electricity, etc. The pay needs to be brought up to where people can actually afford to pay rent and utilities etc. We need better paying jobs in this valley. We need manufacturing jobs not more retail stores or restaurants or hotels etc. We need change in this valley. More reasonable and affordable housing and better paying jobs!

Steve Webster


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"Something needs to be changed not just on rents but the prices of food, cable electricity, etc."

Everyone says that. But when confronted with prospects of what is about to happen due to the latest set of "Coveid Relief Bills", all I can say is, you ain't seen nothing yet. It's about to get a whole lot worse once inflation and taxes begin to rise. And they will.

All of that "free" money isn't free by any stretch of the imagination. All of those increases will be passed along to the consumer (you).


Wake up Webster .The high cost of housing is all over the country. Biden is about to make it worse.

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