To the editor:

Being a homeowner who lives in a neighborhood where STRs are here every weekend we get to see and hear the abusing acts quite often. Last week was no different when six cars and one pickup towing a 30-foot camper rolled into Bow Lane.

They unloaded into this three-bedroom home and began setting up and leveling the camper in the driveway.

As I watch in disbelief out comes electrical cords to power it and a garden hose with a 10-gallon plastic jug connected to the waste water of the camper. This went on for the entire week, so where did the waste water go? Hopefully not dumped in Echo Lake or down the street.

I can’t tell how many people were in the camper but doing the math on this three-bedroom home, we counted at least two people per vehicle times seven equals 14, plus the kids that were clearly there.

We estimated at least 25 people were there for the week. It’s looking more like a combination of hotel and campground here on Bow Lane, so I have to ask, have the STRs in residential neighborhoods now added camping to their menu?

I also have to ask what happened to policing the STRs? Maybe the judge needs to see pictures of what is really going on in our neighborhoods. Personally, I still vote no and I do have pictures to show why it’s a no if anyone is in disbelief.

Russ Boisvert

North Conway

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STR's are the same as our Country's current Immigration Policy.

Sure, there are laws and even Supreme Court rulings to support the laws. But if no one is going to enforce them what's the point. Nobody wants to be the "bad guy".

Hey! It's all good until it's not.


I think the problem with str is people are stuffing their houses with so many beds. If your home is a 3 bedroom home you shouldn’t have 3 beds in each room. For example there is a listing for an oversized town house on air bnb with 4 bedrooms and 12 beds. Why is this allowed?? Would not be allowed in a hotel.

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