To the editor:

I try to avoid making comparisons between criminal actions because it always leads to false equivalence. But, there are just too many overlapping points between the allegations against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Donald Trump in 2022.

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And, as someone who also had a Security Clearance due to the level of OpSec I was working at, I too was appalled at how the SOS handled, abused, and violated her level of security clearance. Most civilians have no idea about the training, procedures, and oversight involved in this process. Or, the severe consequences/punihment exacted for violating what most would consider even a minute detail.

However, the only person who has the ultimate authority to handle or de-classify all levels of "Classified" material is the President of the United States.

Also, the spectacle of the FBI raid on a past President for material that was known about for months was so over the top and politically motivated you should be embarrassed giving any credibility. If, in the end, nothing comes of this I hope you would be one of the first to say so.

Just try being even slightly objective. You owe your Commission that much.

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