To the editor:

On Friday, June 26, at exactly 2 p.m. the League of Voters for Equality (L.O.V.E.) raised a rainbow flag next to Eaton’s Little White Church. Acting in official capacity, church president John Hartman approached us to communicate the message that rainbow symbols were not welcome on or near Church grounds. When asked to explain why he did not approve of the rainbow flag, he said, “the gay problem is that it is too out in the open and in your face.” When asked what the Confederate Flag meant, he said: “well, it is the Confederate battle flag and represents a way of life in which they helped Southern businesses.”

Acting in official capacity, the president of the church gave an unabashedly nostalgic description of the Lost Cause of slavery, describing it as “they helping Southern businesses.” The scandal does not end there. Not long ago, president Hartman introduced a new member into the church leadership. This individual’s induction onto the board was made pursuant to a motion by a board member, seconded by another, and approved by the body. That individual’s name is Roy, and for years he has flown a Confederate Flag along Route 153.

On Wednesday, June 17, at exactly 7 p.m., I stopped by his house to explain that the flag is highly offensive to my family and the community. His response should shock anyone with a conscience. “This flag ain’t coming down until all the gay flags come down,” and followed quickly by “drop dead f----t!” He repeated this slur to me three more times, and as I drove off, “that’s right f----t.”

The community must now hold the Little White Church accountable, call for president Hartman’s immediate resignation, and demand an explanation as to why bigoted elements are in the church.

Quddus Z. Snyder, Ph.D.


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Seems like the little white church is colorblind and homophobic. If I had known, I would not have given money for the steeple repair. I will no longer step inside and a boycott is a good idea until a broom sweeps out those who are on the wrong side of history.

Sharon N

Quddus, Quddus, Quddus...We have freedom of speech in this country, and if someone wants to display a rainbow flag, a Confederate flag or a Soviet Union flag, a North Korean flag, or any other kind of flag it is their right to do so. You seem to want to be Eaton's arbiter of what is acceptable to display and what is not. I may not agree with the display of the Confederate flag, but I will defend with my life the right to display it.

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