To the editor:

OK, this is the last straw and it has broken my back. I have lost a lot of sleep after reading and hearing the comments that “The Donald” has made about our "loser" and “sucker" military veterans as well as the current members of our military.

I proudly served in the U.S. Army from 1964 to 1968, having chosen the Army Security Agency to do my duty. Because of the draft, many young men did not have a choice in how they would serve our country.

I can say that the fine men and women I served with were not and are not the "losers" that the “Commander in Chief” seems to think we are. What did “The Donald” do when he was called to serve? Oh, I remember, bone spurs, right.

It is beyond the pale that anyone, be they military or not, could think that this person sitting in the White House should be called our Commander in Chief. It is more than insulting. How dare this coward say these things about the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for this country? I have had it and I hope you have too.

Now is the time for the Republican Party to stand up, show some backbone and force “The Donald” to resign and get this country back on a path of healing and cooperation.

Our entire military command should stand together and demand his removal. How could anyone honestly follow orders from someone like him? I certainly could not. I call on my fellow Americans to add your voices to this demand for his resignation, now. Make America proud again. Make America proud again to be a leader among nations.

Peter Keene

Topsham, Vt.

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"Four more years" - sounds like a prison sentence.


After 23 years of service, I'm going with Trump.

Besides the fact that this latest "story" is total BS (anonymous sources), there is absolutely, no way in the world, I could ever vote for someone who supports the current ANTIFA/Marxist rioting.

Shall we also talk about Biden's lose of mental faculties? The man needs to retire, not become the leader of the free world.


Peter, I'm retired military and I don't care what he may have said. He's a far better choice than the antifa left wing party that Biden is married to.


Very well said! Imagine what he would do with four more years. I am terrified!


It's real intelligent to believe remarks attributed only to 4 annonymous sources? When even John Bolton says it never happened.


agree completely, why anyone (especially women...P grabbing?) would admire and support this LYING corrupt, ignorant, un Christian, unpatriotic (flag hugging prop holding BS) racist who has cost 1000s of lives due to his cowardice and inaction. It is like a cult and they are drunk on Kool aid with their maskless idiocy and fake patriotism. Newsflash, DT only ran for president for publicity, to pump up his pathetic brand which forever more will mean LOSER.

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