To the editor:

The warmongers in D.C., including the POTUS, the Pentagon, and some on both sides of the aisle of Congress, have Eisenhower rolling over in his grave.

We are sending billions we do not have and will create those billions from nothing to support one of the top 10 most corrupt nations in the world that the POTUS and his son are well aware of at least some of that corruption. We nor NATO are at war with Russia or Ukraine.

Rather than sending more munitions to blow up an already wartorn country, we should be demanding peace talks from both sides, helping the displaced refugees and looking to rebuild Ukraine rather than destroying more of this country.

We have declared numerous sanctions on Russia with zero effectiveness or foresight of the side effects of our actions. We have really taken out the biggest sanction guns and have totally blown off both of our feet in the process.

We have turned the USD, FOREX, the SWIFT system and credit card systems into economic weapons. Both Russia and China have been planning for years to get around these threats.

One of the most stupid threats was from the U.S. and Britain to block Russia from selling their gold.

The morons behind this are oblivious to the fact that Russia has not been a seller of gold but a buyer of gold. Look no further than Russia’s demand to purchase any of their multitude of exports to the West has to be paid for in rubles or gold with a backing of the ruble of 1 gram of gold to 5,000 rubles. Russia also raised their interest rates to 20 percent — Whoa!

The Ruble crashed by over 50 percent from sanctions but after gold backing and higher interest rates is now higher than when sanctions were announced aggravating already out of control inflation worldwide.

So, the POTUS sensing the disaster of inflation, gas and oil out of sight, and food prices going to the moon announce that 1 million barrels a day to be released from the strategic oil reserves to supposedly bring down prices. Maybe someone can explain to me why this oil is being shipped on supertankers to Rotterdam for EU consumption rather than to help the USA?

We have a stated inflation of 8.5 percent that is in reality 17 percent, Title 42 is being rescinded in a month, encouraging millions more illegals invading our southern border, a newly appointed female SCOTUS who cannot define a woman, the administration fighting a court ruling that just allowed you to fly without a mask, and the POTUS being escorted out of a gathering by the Easter Bunny (Secret Service?) so he does not embarrass himself and his “handlers” again.

The incompetents in power are abdicating their responsibilities to future generations, and the only way to begin the fix for these problems is to vote the bums responsible out in November. Can’t wait to see “2000 Mules.”

Peter Hill

North Conway

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Peter, it is hard to rebuild Ukraine while Russia is continuing to bombard it. Putin is evil. Evil must be defeated, even if at great cost. I agree with everything you have said about Biden but we must help Ukraine win. While it is a corrupt country, it is at least not evil and destructive like Russia.

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