To the editor:

Rick Conte's letter "Trump acquitted twice, Clinton disbarred" reminded me of this observation by the late great George Carlin: "Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town."

I miss George Carlin. Good riddance to Trump.

Mike Rice

South Wellfleet, Mass.

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A lot of brainwashed, or ignorant people still out there that idolize the LYING loser DJT. Mostly just for their petty useless need to feel like they are owning the libs, whatever that means. Justice and fairness and truth means something losers, so time you woke up to that fact.


And a lot of brainwashed Democrats think it's all about Trump, when in fact it's about the Democrat's mad dash toward Marxism/Communism.

In their desire to wipe clean from the history books any mention of the Donald, they are willing to crash the entire Country into the rocks of true tyranny.

They have even installed a Sock-puppet President who has lost his mental faculties.

Our border has been virtually erased, our energy policy is absurd, our foreign policy is non-existent, our economy is teetering on disaster, and they think "White Supremacy" is our most serious security threat. Should we also mention the Nationwide rioting destroying our major Democrat-run cities?

Sorry, but if anyone is brainwashed it's all of the Leftists suffering from TDS or in love with the idea of toppling our Country's foundational constructs.

Gregory Wallace

Apparently you missed the Hannity segment last night with President Trump. He is alive and well and coming back. People from many persuasions are very angry about what transpired on the stolen election. It will be payback time X10. I am planning on hiring President Trump again because he did everything I wanted him to do AND my taxes went down 20%. Look at the mesas we are in now, this is not better and will only get worse. The people were robbed.

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