To the editor:

Being an independent voter, I have been quite amused with the escapades this election year, especially the public mooning by Quddus Snyder, Ph.D. at a recent Trump event. Mr. Snyder’s activism regarding love, acceptance and equality are noble, but it is hard to take him with any seriousness after this revolting display. Sometimes a single event can define you for a lifetime. In this case it seems as though Mr. Snyder will always be known as “Mooner Man.”

While I support dissenting views, I do not see how displaying a sun-deprived rear-end and slapping it repeatedly in public within the view of women and children will somehow convince me that I should join the ranks for Biden/Harris. If anything, you are repelling me.

In an Aug. 18, 2018, apology letter to the Daily Sun, Mr. Snyder states, “I am a hot head, and this I own entirely, owing mainly to a character defect I inherited from my dear Uncle Bill. I am also ignorant and juvenile, owing mainly to a rockclimbing addiction and two decades of having my head buried in political philosophy…”

Interestingly, he diverts responsibility for his “hot head” to his Uncle Bill and somehow doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions. It still does not seem that he has yet pulled his head full of “political philosophy” out of his sun-deprived rear-end. Perhaps this time Mr. Snyder could make a public apology and not blame his actions on his Uncle Bill, President Trump, Aristotle or John Rawls, and set aside the textbook theories on how the world operates and join the rest of us in “Real-LifeVille.”

Mr. Snyder was a college professor, and he should be setting a higher standard. Having known his late parents, two of the kindest and most giving people I have ever known, I can only imagine that they are turning in their graves. This is the kind of antic I would expect from a 13-year-old teenager with a group of his friends on a dare. Mr. Snyder, please grow up, stop acting “ignorant and juvenile” (your own words) and start acting like a 42-year-old adult with a Ph.D., and I may start to think about taking you seriously!

Michael Knudson


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"He also showed just how immature and unhinged Biden supporters have become."

Last night at the debate when asked to condemn white supremacists, Trump told the Proud Boys hate group to: "Stand down and stand by." Does that statement show just how unhinged and racist Trump supporters have become?


And did 'Ole Joe condemn BLM or ANTIFA? I think I missed that last night.

Just sayin'...


No. But he denounced violence earlier in the horror show. Unlike Trump who used a bullhorn to tell the Proud Boys to get ready.

The biggest loser last night was America. Putin was probably laughin' his whatever off. Sad.


And yet as juvenile, obnoxious, and inappropriate as Quddus is, narcissists don’t care about what most of the normal world thinks of them. In fact, he is more than likely reveling in all of this attention, believing that he has made some kind of “real” impact on the political discourse. I can almost picture him bragging and celebrating with his fellow, “marginalized” acquaintances, as he, “showed all of those Trump supporters”.

In reality what he did was embarrass himself, his wife, his son, his business associates, his profession, and his town on a national stage. He also showed, yet again, just how immature and unhinged Biden supporters have become.

His behavior serves to prove that having the initials, Ph.D. after your name is absolutely meaningless today and our institutions of higher learning have failed miserably.

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