To the editor:

Thank you Eric Fredrickson for not stooping to personal attacks in your May 19 letter. I don’t agree with your assessment of Adam Schiff, but you stuck to the topic.

Unlike Eric, George Clausen’s letter continued to use the same old conservative tactics and dog whistles, like calling anyone who criticizes Trump, “Marxists and socialists.”

Get a grip, George.

From George’s perspective on the far-right fringe where Breitbart and Alex Jones reside, everyone looks left. NPR looks radical left to Breitbart and Alex Jones, not because it is, but because they are so far right. Such is the case with George.

George claims I use “Democrat propaganda and lies.” His proof? I’ve stated that Trump is a racist. The Justice Department charged Trump’s company with discrimination for refusing to rent to people of color. They even tested Trump’s company practices by sending potential renters to properties to try to rent them.

Black people were told the properties weren’t available anymore, but when white people then came to inquire, they were told the properties were available. Trump’s defense was that lots of companies got charged for this behavior. (You could look it up, he said it in public if you care about facts) That’s racism, George.

His many abhorrent comments about different minority groups are enough to convince anyone not in his cult that he’s a racist.

George mentions Trump’s improvement among Black voters from 2016 to 2020. He went from abysmal (6 percent) to horrible (8-10 percent). To trumpet that for any reason is ridiculous, but to use it to attempt to prove Trump isn’t racist is asinine.

No one condemned Frank McCarthy, or questioned his patriotism, as George claimed, but many people pointed out he repeated Trump’s lies. If you don’t want to get called out for lying, don’t lie.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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Gregory Wallace

Michael, You are a selective memory sufferer. The Trump organization hires thousands of people and professionals and you cannot micro manage everyone. anyone who may have done as you describe does not make the person who hired them a racist. If you bothered to look further the persons who directly behaved that way were dismissed and he dealt with it. The Trump organization has Blacks, Hispanics, and people of all color and back ground. Like any business including mine we hire some contractors who hire their own employees. You cannot control everyone's behavior. You Michael failed at the game of "Gotcha!"

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