To the editor:

Letter-writer Harriet Borgerhoff still doesn’t get it. Trump Derangement Syndrome is what she and the other Trump sycophants that repeat his lies suffer from.

Just like with the term Fake News, Trump tried to take something created by someone else and twist it around to mean the exact opposite. It’s yet another example of how people under his spell can’t see the truth.

Of course, I mentioned Trump in my last letter Harriet, I was responding to the lies you and other Trump cult members repeated in previous letters.

Readers will notice that Harriet’s response pivots to Biden, just like Trump pivoted to the Clintons to try to shift attention away from his many transgressions, instead of trying to support the aforementioned lies with facts. This is what Trump and his supporters do; ignore the facts, hope other people won’t notice, and attack others to try to shift attention to them.

I’m not a Democrat, Harriet, I’m a supporter of democracy. Trump is the greatest threat to American democracy since the Cold War, and the constant parroting of his lies is still dangerous.

Due to the threat the Trumpican party poses to American democracy, and the shameful selling of their soul to Trump, I will vote Democrat until it becomes the Republican party again, with leaders that pose sensible policies, reject bigotry and authoritarianism, and honor the Constitution. Trump is not capable of that, so they cannot become a viable party again until they move on from him and the likes of DeSantis, Cruz, Jordan and Abbott.

Michael Keirns

North Conway

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My brother-in-law died of COVID-19 on April 24, 2020. After three weeks on a ventilator, he suffered a series of strokes which left him in a vegetative state. After my sister-in-law, niece and nephew said there final heartbreaking and tearful goodbyes and left, he was taken off the ventilator and suffocated to death in a matter of minutes.

On April 23, 2020, in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump stated: "I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning."

Donald Trump makes me want to puke.


My condolences. However, instead of casting all of your vitriol at Trump, maybe you should blame China and Fauci for creating and unleashing Covid on us.

By the why, it was Trump that got us the Vacines. Just sayin'.


I wonder how you feel about the current destruction of the Republic and the Democratic Process that the Biden Administration has wrought? There doesn't seem to be a law or statute they aren't willing to ignore or sidestep or an Executive Order signed in their goal of "fundamentally transforming America".

And then there are the current failing economic and energy policies. But hey, what's the problem with almost double-digit inflation, gas at $4.25/ gallon, the predicted food shortages, and millions of undocumented, untreated, illegal aliens flooding across our border?

Yup, things are great! Let's go, Brandon!


Perhaps you should enroll in an Economics class at a local Community College! You will learn a few things you obviously don’t know! The President of the United States and the Congress of said country DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THE PRICE IF ENERGY! It is determined by the CORPORATIONS that control it! When prices of oil are down, they hold giant reserves until the price goes up. The only way the GOVERNMENT can control the cost of energy is by NATIONALIZING it. (Perhaps not such a bad idea!) As to food shortages…those started back in 2017 when Trump stopped migrant workers from coming into the US to pick in the fields snd orchards. They were, according to him, taking AMERICAN JOBS. Trouble with that thinking was that AMERICANS refused to do those jobs. I’d bet that YOU would refuse to work 12 to 16 hours a day in the hot sun or pouring rain for less than $100 a day! American farmers tried to hire Americans. Not many showed up and those that did wanted $20 an hour snd even at that, didn’t stay because they objected to one lunch break and no bathroom or smoke breaks! A tomato farm in northern Florida was forced to close because there was no one to pick the 100 acres of tomatoes! They even tried to give them to churches and charities but it didn’t even make a dent into it! Remember, all those “millions of undocumented, untreated, aliens” were the ones picking your food! Since it is obvious that you are retired, maybe YOU can get out and help the farmers snd orchardists in your area by picking their crops! Oh, and just so you know, most of the people spreading Covid were not aliens. They were citizens who chose to believe the biggest crook and con man to ever set foot in The White House! It’s unfortunate that more of you hadn’t injected the bleach as he proposed! Now it appears that the majority of those still dying of Covid are the MAGA crowd…guess that’s something!

By using your closing it only goes to show just what type of person you are! I admit that I hated Drumpf (the real family name!) but I hated him before he ever ran for office. Enough of his horrid behavior had been reported in the NY papers for years. It was well known that he was an adulterer. And before he even ran, it was known that he “liked” little kids (11-13 years old to the tune of $16 million in payouts to the parents of 5 he molested!). That explains why a guy who was born in the City, only earned 19% of the vote snd actually lost in Queens where he was born! Sucks to be him! And now his neighbors in Palm Beach want him gone! Just like 81 million wanted him gone!


Please sight your sources. Otherwise, you sound like just another Marxist bomb-thrower with all of the same worn-out rhetoric, playing fast and loose with the facts.

As for "Economics", let's see: Basic Econ, Micro/Macro Econ, Basic Concepts of Bookkeeping & Accounting, and Business Administration. I've also been responsible for managing multi-million dollar budgets. The fact is this, Presidents can and do have a large impact on the economic conditions of the Country by virtue of the staff they pick, the policies they choose to support and cast their influence toward, and the EO's they put into effect.

'Ole Joe has done nothing to help or strengthen our economy. Everything he has done has had a drastically negative impact. And that there is no denying.


The demoncruds will not do well in the mid-terms if we are paying 4.25 a gallon with sky high inflation in November. The Delaware disaster keeps the hits coming.

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