To the editor:

My last letter generated dozens and dozens of responses. Thank you. One request stood out. It was for a clearer and more simple reason to become a vegan.

On the Village Vegan Facebook page and its associated website, I often get bogged down in details, you know, where the devil is. So, I looked closely at that, and produced this.

Think about this a moment if you will:

1. Imagine there is a something, a thing you absolutely need to stay alive and there are only two methods to obtain it.

2. If you choose method A, you will live, but others will suffer and die.

3. If you choose method B, you will live, and nobody else will suffer and die.

Do you choose method A or method B?

Congratulations, you now understand veganism!

That’s about as simple an explanation as I can craft except to say, paraphrasing God, "Just treat others, as you wish to be treated.''

For much more on this topic, and the ideology of veganism, simply Google: "The Village Vegan, Michael Corthell."

Michael Corthell

The Village Vegan

Bridgton, Maine

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“Congratulations, you now understand veganism!”

That’s for sure. Your current analogy and perspective from previous editorials have been quite revealing. And here is what it shows us:

It is extremely difficult to take you seriously.

Your worldview and philosophical perspective are beyond simplistic. They are without a doubt flawed and lacking in any deep knowledge or understanding of human behavior, history, civilization, politics, economics, and the science of nutrition.

As you say, the devil is in the details, and you haven’t given us any thoughtful details when challenged. You only offer naïve rationales with false and highly subjective conclusions.

It is clear however, that you do have a fashionably liberal, privileged, and abundant lifestyle if you have the luxury of excluding an entire broad source of human sustenance without any negative impact on your family’s health and wellbeing. To suggest that everyone on the planet could or should do likewise is very presumptive and possibly elitist.

Trying to maintain a well-rounded, vegan diet that provides needed protein(s) and vitamin B12 is extremely difficult and expensive. It requires a plethora of supplements or processed substitutes. And not everyone can consume soy, nuts, eggs, dairy product, or gluten without detrimental health effects.

There are many, many people that feel lucky to put a single meal on their table without having to be concerned about the, “moral dilemma” of consuming the animal protein placed before them.

Finally, why do Vegans have this almost cult-like, religious compulsion to proselytize everyone into their lifestyle? Why not just do you and leave the rest of us alone.

Besides, it’s really kind of annoying.


'Others' being animals. I'm ok with that. G_d said it was ok. And they taste great. If the village vegan ate more protein, he would be smarter.


You forgot to mention the part about Option B requiring a lifetime of terrible food and imitation "meat".

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