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New Hampshire Fish and Game has a fish hatchery problem. It is being sued by the Conservation Law Foundation, an environmental advocacy organization, for polluting the Merrymeeting River with wastewater from its Powder Mill Fish Hatchery. According to Fish and Game, they cannot keep pollutant levels within EPA limits because the hatcheries, where staff raise millions of fish each year for “put and take” fishing, are old and in disrepair.

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Good grief, there is so much spin on this story I can smell the burning rubber from 20 miles away…


Find the Executive Councilor who represents you at They found a loophole to get this money. They will tell you it is legal. Tell them that doesn't make it right. NHFG may be back for more money from ARPA. Let's stop that now!


While cleaning up hatchery effluent to lessen pollution is the right thing to do, expanding hatchery capacity and production is not, especially on the taxpayers dime. NH F&G, and the people of NH, would be far better off if the money was spent on projects that promote sustainable wild native fisheries. It's time for NH to be moving away from hatcheries to the degree possible, not getting deeper into them.

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