To the editor:

Once again, the Sun prints the treatment-focused answer to brain diseases — a new drug?

The answer is never drugs when cause remains. It's the food. For honest medical information from lifestyle doctors using plant based nutrition to reverse the curse from the Standard American diet, do your own homework and read all you can by the following lifestyle medical doctors: Dr. Neal Barnard; Dr. Michael Klaper; Dr. T.Colin Campbell; Dr. David Katz; Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn ; Dr. Dean Ornish; and

No drugs will reverse the curse from the effects of eating the wrong food. Eating what is proper requires no medicine. It really is as simple as that.

The antidote for the big three, animal suffering, environmental degradation, and the ongoing public health crisis is simple, eat what grows. Not as profitable but surely the cure.

Beat, don't treat disease.

Laura Slitt


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Meat grows. By eating plants. My beef and lamb eat your plants and they grow. And they taste great. Did you not just read the warning that putting children on a Vegan diet leads to health issues? Lower protein levels; lower stamina; lower strength in general. Lots of health problems for kids on vegan diets. Everything in moderation their crazo. Everything in moderation.

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