To the editor:

It is “good politics” to see President-elect Joe Biden attempting to mend fences and seek peaceful coexistence with Republicans. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues in his attempt to destroy our democracy. I, on the other hand, have payback and revenge toward Trump on my mind. The list is too long to complete in the confines of this word-limiting format. But I want payback.

Payback for the last four years that he stole from millions of people. Payback for 240,000 plus people who have died on his watch from COVID-19. Payback for the millions who lost their jobs (and health-care insurance). Payback for the grandparents who haven’t seen their kids or grandkids graduate, get married or just grow up. Payback for demeaning the Constitution and the norms and values of our democracy. Payback for the total lack of any empathy for those who have died and who are suffering.

So, spare me the kumbaya feel-good letters. Trump, McConnell, Graham, Barr, Cruz and others, including Trump’s base of misled followers, are trying to destroy our way of life. Banishing Trump and his profiteering children to wherever they came from is a must. Seeing citizen Trump in waist-chains and an orange jumpsuit? That would be a good start.

Larry Winefield


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Bill Scott

I came back to Madison last month and spent two weeks on Big Pea Porridge Pond with two of my sisters, quarantined so that I could visit my 91 year old parents in Philadelphia without risking killing them. When I had to leave Philly after a two week stay, my mother wept because she thought she might never see me again due to the pandemic. I too, want to see Trump in chains.

Making my mother cry is enough reason to want personal retribution, but I have a better reason than punishing Trump - restoring faith in the rule of law. There is a vast segment of our population - including that fellow who flies flags in Eaton - that likes Trump BECAUSE he flouts the rules. They're the same folks who won't wear masks because it is more important to them to demonstrate that they are powerful enough to live outside rules than it is to protect their neighbors, or even themselves.

You will never make Trump repent and you will never reform him. It's punishment enough to simply be Donald Trump, disgraced loser responsible for hundreds of thousands. So let's look at the real reason to jail him (better than revenge for making my mom cry) - to convince people that breaking the law is a bad thing that hurts us all.

And my Mom? She'll be fine. Last Tuesday she went to work. She and my Dad voted in Penn Valley Pennsylvania to protect the lives of their six children, nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Mom served her 55th year as a full time pollworker on Tuesday, as the Clerk of Elections for her precinct. She may be the oldest pollworker in Pennsylvania, but she saw it done. She is laughing at Donald Trump this morning.


I hope Biden can unify the country but what worries me is that over 71M still voted for Trump. This is a broken country destroyed by the Republicans with their phony moral values. the party of "do what i say, not as i do".

Bill Scott

I wouldn't think as them as votes for Trump. If you want an interesting read, try Gordon Wood's "Radicalization of the American Revolution." One of Professor Wood's theses is that, unlike the Russian, French and Chinese revolutions, the American Revolution was not a class struggle, it was a rejection of being governed. I think the Trump movement is a continuation of this position.

In the Revolution, it was "Don't Tread on Me' (i.e., leave me alone). Similarly, "Live Free or Die" The Americans objected to being taxed and governed, and the Intolerable Acts were intolerable for this reason - associating them with a lack of representation was just a convenient reason to object. No one would have accepted the taxes if the Brits had allowed colonial representation in Parliament.

To perfect the Union (i.e., to make it even more perfect that the Constitutional Union we now have), all of us need to cooperate, both with our government and with one another. To thrive, we must care for each other and the planet.

So, let's start with the masks. It's a small price to pay to protect your neighbors, and something you can do to actively improve the Country. Demonstrate you support the Country and the Program, never be seen without one.

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