To the editor:

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted New Hampshire. We’ve seen schools move offline, businesses shut their doors, and families contend with tremendous grief. For many local communities, it’s been a tough time. We need to find ways to get our residents working again and back on their feet.

As we have seen from President Biden’s climate and infrastructure goals, clean energy will be a crucial element in our nation’s transition to a greener future. New Hampshire and surrounding New England states can play a critical role in this transition, as we have an energy landscape and grid that are in desperate need of updating.

However, this means New Hampshire and surrounding states will need to diversify energy options and offer alternatives. One way to do this is via clean energy projects.

Green infrastructure projects are not just integral to securing a greener future. They are also economic powerhouses, capable of supporting communities and providing a variety of jobs — something that is much needed during this trying time. Rural communities in New Hampshire, those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic, would especially benefit.

For the good of our planet — and New Hampshire — we should support green infrastructure projects in our state and region.

Kristin McMahon


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Gregory Wallace

Kristin, No not a chance. The pipeline was a green job and Joe Bite me closed it. Now we will have to contend to shipping energy by truck and rail. Very dangerous with much spillage. In addition the energy consumed to move it is huge! Did you see the train wreck with tankers splitting open? They had to evacuate a 4 square mile area. Wind turbines kill birds and solar will never pay for itself and the batteries have mercury and are VERY expensive to recycle. Somehow I think you already knew all of this.

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