To the editor:

New Hampshire could do a better job of requiring proof of citizenship by mandating a "picture ID issued by the state" or "proof of residence" ONLY! No more having your photo taken at the polls and signing an affidavit; leaves too much opportunity for deceit and/or voting in multiple towns.

Kevin Ryan


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Gregory Wallace

Kevin, it used to be voting was done pretty much on the honor system. Not any more. The voting machines first of all should go everywhere. They have less software security than most cell phones and can easily be hacked or manipulated. Never mind their error rate. Paper ballots in person with a verified voter is the only way. Photo I.D.s are required in daily transactions almost everywhere. Hospitals, flying, hall of records and bank. to mention just a few. Keep in mind any side can take advantage of an unsecured election and the 2020 election was the worst example of an unsecured election to date and look at the trouble that caused. The truth is slowly emerging and Arizona is only the first and they are not done there yet.

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