To the editor:

In a June 7 letter by Joseph Dorsett Sr. of Ossipee, he stated there is no evidence of any criminal doings by Donald Trump. The evidence of collusion was founded to be inconclusive. Part two of the report stated there were 11 incidents of obstruction of justice in which the special counsel couldn’t charge a sitting president, therefore leaving it to Congress. Trump in return denied them any documents and told witnesses to ignore the duty of Congress.

Dorsett complains about the hateful talk he hears. What planet does he live on when the autocratic, racist, lying egoist president opens his mouth to spew more hate? Republicans have left the Democrats to put checks on this man because of their inability to put America first. The Democratic House has put forth bills for lower prescription drug prices and gun laws. They all die in the Republican Senate. If the Republicans get back the majority House and Senate in 2020, Democratic and Republican voters will feel the pain from the cuts to programs that are essential to our lives, all due to reckless spending to prop up the wealthy.

We are in a scary time, we have elected a man who is immoral, egotistic and craves power. Add on criminal acts and explain this to your kids. We don’t have a political problem, we have a morality problem. God help us.

John Bossio

Center Conway

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