To the editor:

Do N.H. citizens get a demographic breakdown of how their tax dollars are being spent in the newly christened “School Voucher Program”? How many private and prep schools are expecting part of this year’s revenue to come from the state.

Is the N.H. School Choice Voucher Program another case of “Republican Socialism” at work if we find that vouchers are most often used by well-off parents, and now serves as a reliable revenue source for private institutions? Will we conclude, the voucher program inspired by a former Amway executive, serves more as taxpayer subsidy for the wealthy rather than enabler of a healthy “school choice” program for all? On the surface, it looks like well-off people writing laws to fortify themselves with taxpayer dollars.

Let’s explore how this could play out. A wealthy family of four making $230,000 a year can now get a $9,200 voucher for their two children’s already planned private education.Many millionaires pay taxes on income less than $230,000 a year. With a N.H. voucher, these parents no longer have to pay that tuition out of their income, post tax dollars. Indeed, they get a tax break on that $9,200, and it’s a little legal sleight of hand.

Not only is their family’s out-of-pocket tuition expense reduced, but they didn’t have to pay tax on that savings because someone else paid the bill. Talk about the rich getting richer and the poor staying poor.

This is one important reason for citizens to get a full accounting and analysis of the taxpayer-funded school voucher program.

Again, would rational, moderate Republicans please step forward? I want to believe they won’t have to be asked to keep their middle finger down.

Jeff Robinson


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Scott Shallcross

Let's add that there is little oversight and accountability. Why should my hard earned tax dollars go to a private school, the Catholic Church or a Yeshiva or Madrassa for that matter. This is the fruition of extreme ideological corporate groups bent on the defunding of public education. This did not originate in New Hampshire with people like Glen Cordelli but with people like the Koch brothers and ALEC (look it up.) THERE IS SOMETHING ESSENTIALLY UNDEMOCRATIC ABOUT ALLOWING AMERICA'S WEALTHIEST PEOPLE DEFUNDING PUBLIC EDUCATION!

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