To the editor:

There are many reasons we should stop the building of a four-story hotel on the site of the Intervale Motel.

In 1982, my husband and I were looking for a home to buy in a nice neighborhood to raise our children. I would drive by the little white cape on the knoll and say I want to live there. The real estate agent would say you can’t afford it. We met the owners of the home, they wanted a young couple to own their hard work and they helped make the arrangements. Mr. Winslow built his home and wanted it to be passed onto the next generation. That’s community.

I can’t help but think of Mr. Rogers’ quote “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Building a four-story hotel at the beginning of a neighborhood can only have a negative effect.

The town should have never approved the proposed building of this eyesore hotel. It has been a motel for decades, now a hotel? I am unsure where the planning board members live, but it is not in Intervale or Kearsarge, the two neighborhoods that will feel the pain.

I understand the traffic study was done in April this year. After coming out of the depths of a pandemic (still in it) and the findings were there was not a big impact in traffic flow. Really? I live on Intervale Cross Road. This road is a short cut in and out of town and people do not follow the 30-mph law. We have many young families who live on this street with children that I worry about. The traffic impact study is not valid. It was not done at the height of traffic, like Labor Day weekend.

The Intervale Motel presently has about 15 rooms, large frontage to view the wonders of the Intervale.

When you pass the Scenic Vista, you know it’s a place to marvel. It’s vast view to the west that draws you in with reverence. The proposed four-story hotel will devastate that. It will be so out of place, hemming in the openness.

Let’s not forget the crown jewel on the front lawn, her majesty herself — the maple tree. She has stood watch over the vista approximately 200 years, bearing witness to countless natural and human events. Sunrises and sunsets, storms, changes in the way people travel and the Abenakis’ encampments. Maple’s crown is full and healthy. Blessing us with her quiet presence and reminding us of what matters, the marvel of nature. This is why most of us came here, but she will be cut down because lack of prudence and the lack of stewardship.

Joni Mitchell song goes, “You don’t what you got, until it’s gone,” and will ring true if we let this hotel be built.

Janice DiFiore


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You don't know anything about traffic studies. They can't possibly take into account the labor day weekend. You don't use anomalies or outliers for statistical studies. I am not an expert but you don't have to be one to know that hotels do not have a lot of in/out traffic like a restaurant or drive thru. That isn't how hotels work. Also, the hotel should not impact the road you live on since guests will largely navigate Route 16. Most tourists still don't know about North South road for getting around. As for the tree, it's a shame but its a tree. And it isn't yours.


DavefromConway - the traffic study has numerous flaws, including the fact that there is a Restaurant planned for this project that the study did not take into account. A hotel on its own is not a major traffic generator, but a hotel and/or a wedding receptions location absolutely drives traffic, and it will do so throughout the weekends of the summer and fall (at a minimum). The traffic study did not account for a functioning, full-service restaurant. That is but one of its many flaws.


This hotel proposal is endemic of everything wrong that is happening in the Valley.

Its approval will be the moment we have literally turned a corner from which there will be no return, and the Town "Planners" can own that decision and the consequences.

It is past time for all residence to make this their "Red Line" that won't be crossed and attend the meeting to make their voices heard.

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