To the editor:

For 36 years, I’ve owned property in the Village District of Edelweiss. Our family uses the property throughout the year as well as a short-term rental to help with maintenance costs of a second home.

STRs have been widely discussed as of late. Many discussions are in a negative viewpoint about issues that some STRs have caused. We are responsible owners and spend great effort vetting renters to ensure that no issues occur. In the 36 years, we have never had a call out, not one.

The property is in pristine condition since we open our home for others to enjoy. We rent to many families that come back year after year to spend their vacation and their money in the MWV area.

Many stories paint STRs with a very broad brush. There are many positive STR owners that have never had issues. These STR owners and their renters bring large amounts of tourist revenue to Madison and Conway.

We are not against regulations, not even a licensing fee to help control the “bad apples.” We want to keep the peaceful and beautiful community that we love, but an all-out ban infringes on our property rights.

An issue that keeps getting raised is lack of housing for local employees. Towns need to think about allowing rental communities to be built to support residents. Please support SB249. Learn about the bill. Regulation is good for all, a complete ban of STRs is not. Let’s learn to compromise.

Glen Bressalmo


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We owned our Madison home in Eidelweiss Village for the better part of a decade and have many precious memories of ski vacations, cozy winters by the fire when kids were growing up and enjoying the wonderful community including the surrounding MWV area away from our busy working lives. We have always viewed our place in New Hampshire as a "slice of Heaven," a cathartic getaway where we relax with our family and friends. And because we're not here full-time, we decided to open up our Eidelweiss home for other families to enjoy while helping with the costs of maintaining our property. We've now done this going on 8 years with friends of ours and other families with never any problems and was shocked to receive a notice this Christmas by mail that we are all of a sudden in violation of an STR ban. This letter is the very first notice regarding short term rentals we have ever received from the town since our ownership. I certainly hope this issue shall be resolved in a way where the town shall see the wisdom of not casting such a wide net and agree to a reasonable compromise with responsible home owners. I completely agree with Mr. Bressalmo and we along with most folks who rent their homes care about our community, love and respect our neighbors and are responsible in how we use our homes to ensure our community remains that slice of Heaven we all love and have every intention of preserving.


Well said. SB249 sounds like it strikes the right balance for the community and those that want to welcome responsible visitors to enjoy the heart of the MWV.

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