To the editor:

After reading a few letters and columns this week I wanted to clear something up about the Black Lives Matter rally last Sunday. Nobody’s signs said “Black Lives Matter More” or “Only Black Lives Matter.”

It was another rally to try and remind people that black lives matter as much as all lives, it seems many across the county have forgotten that or never believed it in the first place. 

And to those writers trying to label decent people who care about others as thugs, disturbed or leftists, we fully understand what you're trying to do with your dog whistles. We know you’re trying to dehumanize us as "others" in order to try and discredit our arguments. It won’t work. Your time has passed and code words like thug will in time be added to the list of words that polite people no longer use. 

The All Lives Matter folks were nearby. I think it’s telling that they didn’t join the larger group. It tells me they don’t really believe what they’re saying and that it’s simply a knee jerk reaction to the rest of society acknowledging that they aren’t superior to anyone based solely on their skin color.  

Like I told a couple people of color who thanked me for being there, we’ve protested too many injustices at those corners in the past but hopefully we won’t have to be out there again.

Erik Corbett


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(3) comments


If you loot and riot, you're worse than a thug.


I guess you did not mind the letter calling two female officers thugs?


Are there more descriptives words for arson, looting, robbery, vandalism, rampaging, and rioting?

The reason I ask is that there appears to be a concerted effort to obfuscate all of those activities with a narrative of "peaceful protests".

And now we are witnessing the forceful take over of a portion of Seattle by these "peaceful protestors".

Imagine that happening to North Conway and think of how you'd feel.

The more you give, the more they will take.

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