To the editor:

Much of the news this past week is about the collapse in Afghanistan, which reminds me so much of Vietnam.

I’m 77, and Vietnam is very real for me. What it did to our country, how it tore us apart. The rampant inflation because we didn’t “pay the way” for that war, instead we put it on the backs of the young. It was a stupid, stupid war. It makes me sick to this day. And what is worse, our government just keeps doing it. Afghanistan has been a train wreck for a very, very long time.

The Russians were there for over 20 years, so just why would we think the U.S. would be any different? Just like Vietnam and the French before the U.S. Oh yes, there is blame to go around for all. Dems and Republicans.

Again, a war we haven’t paid for, again the money spent will be on the backs of the younger generation. To what purpose? All those lives lost. Yes, fewer lives lost this time, but we don’t hear much about the people whose lives have been wrecked, lost arms, legs, brain injuries, etc. etc.

I don’t know what the answer is. I realize that world politics are complicated, but I feel strongly that Vietnam was a huge blunder and it seems that our government didn’t learn a damn thing! Here we are again with all these Afghanis that have worked with us, for us, translators, others, what is going to happen to them? We owe them, my opinion, and must provide them a safe haven.

I feel sorry for Afghanistan, but I’m mad as hell with our government’s endless wars. I feel that if we are going to go forward with any military action, we have to pay as we go.

Yes, raise the taxes to pay for any new or ongoing war. That would force our leaders think long and hard before committing our soldiers to a conflict. After all, maybe they wouldn’t get re-elected, if we had to actually pay for it.

I feel terrible for the women and the children of Afghanistan. I feel terrible for the military people injured and killed there, but I believe it is a fruitless effort, there must be another, better way than this endless war.

Ellin Leonard


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While there is blame for both Republicans and Democrats (Bush should have declared victory after the initial invasion, which was justified) but Biden owns this chaotic and rushed withdrawal. Completely his disaster.

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