To the editor:

The week before Christmas should be a wonderful time. Although people are busy getting their last-minute shopping done, people are happy with the Christmas spirit.

That changed on Tuesday as I passed St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Bartlett where my mom and dad are buried. I found out that someone stole the floral arrangement my sister had made for the top of their stone for Christmas. Who does that?

This is actually the second time that someone stole from their grave; the last time was in the spring. If the person who took it is reading this, I want you to know that you didn’t just steal a floral arrangement, you stole my sister’s Christmas joy and trust in people. This is a hard time of year for her as she still mourns the loss of her boyfriend who passed away in December.

I may not know anything about the kind of person who would steal off a grave, but let me tell you about the wonderful people my parents were. They lived lives of hard work and service to others. My dad was a World War II veteran. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and helped liberate Jewish people from a concentration camp. He was in the Knights of Columbus. He was always there to help widows and orphans.

I am one of the kids they took in. They both were. They did not deserve this. My sister doesn’t deserve this. She feels horrible that their grave will have nothing on it for Christmas.

It is her way to continue to show love to them. I’m sure you didn’t understand what you were doing, so I’m asking you to please return what you took. I am praying that you can turn your life around.

Ellie Jodoin

North Conway

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Sorry that happened Ellie, your parents sound like wonderful people.

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