To the editor:

The overflow of those vehicles lined up onto White Mountain Highway at Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s? In the summer, what about the drivers that leave their vehicles running with the air conditioners on as they are in stores shopping? What is their carbon footprint as they sit idling? North Conway is only one community experiencing this. I’m reminded of the huge carbon footprints of Al Gore and John Kerry who preach to us about climate change.

Southwest Airlines has had cancellations — again. All of their pilots, luggage handlers, mechanics, etc. have to be vaccinated by next month or will lose their jobs. Where is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg?

Health workers with their protective masks and protective gear were hailed as heroes before the COVID vaccine was OK’d to be injected into people. Now they are losing their jobs for not wanting to be inoculated. Why can’t they agree to testing and wearing a mask to keep their jobs?

Kamala Harris, border czar, didn’t go to a recent meeting in Mexico with other cabinet members. She was instead swooning about craters on the moon with a group of preteens (who turned out to be child actors). Rep. Boebert quipped: “She’s not allowed to speak to adults anymore.” Perhaps she should remain earthbound and address our open southern border crisis. Now the cartels are firing tracer rounds into America.

Another insane proclamation from Gov. Newsom of Calif.: lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc. are outlawed. Now there will be charging stations for electric ones?

Elizabeth Kelsea

North Conway

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