The editor:

My name is Ed Roche. I moved here in 2002 after retiring as a crane operator for 38 years. I was and still am in awe of the beauty of the Mount Washington Valley and the Conway community.

Over the years, through the church of my faith and a Twelve Step Fellowship, I have enjoyed the friendship of many, many wonderful people in Conway. Good neighbors, caring people who warm my heart. I would not want to live anywhere else. I am 79 years old and my heart aches to see the violence, racial bigotry division and cruelty permeating this country I love so dearly. This Coronavirus has taken almost 190,000 of our beloved citizens. The loss is heartbreaking. 

I am also a war veteran. I served three hardship tours overseas. I served with the 10th Cav 4th infantry division in Vietnam in 1968-69. I was medically evacuated from the field in 1969 to Oji Army Hospital in Japan. I had the distinction of sharing the orthopedic ward with wounded 101st airborne soldiers from Hamburger Hill. Two weeks later I was further evacuated to the Army hospital at Fort Devens. I am proud of my nine years of service. I am proud of the men I served with. 

Yesterday, I could not believe what was the top news story. The highest office in the country, the Commander in Chief of our armed forces committed the foulest slander of our war dead. I am not jumping the gun here. Multiple sources from people who were there and heard what he said have confirmed it. So for the losers and suckers I pen this letter for the brave Marines of Belleau Wood (important battle in World War I where the Germans were held off outside of Paris) who gave the last full measure of their devotion and lay in hallowed ground and all those who gave their lives in battle so that we may remain free in the democracy they shed their blood for. 

To the narcissist in the Oval Office. You are not worthy to carry John McCain’s jock strap. You have been at the helm for nearly four years now. There are 190,000 citizens who have died on your watch. You are a coward, a bully and a liar. You have systematically destroyed the laws of our great land. You have trampled on our great Constitution. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being unable to feel sympathy for anyone. And now the truth is out, you revert to your stock response, lie and deny. 

I would hope every citizen veteran will remember this dastardly attack on our war dead this November and put this bully where he belongs — on the street. He will kill us to be king. 

Ed Roche

Center Conway

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Mr. Roche, I am with you 100% in your and other brave retired veterans’ sentiments about the Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, Comrade Bonespurs. His cowardice and his constant lying is eroding our Democracy, an we veterans who have paid attention know it!



For whatever it is worth, I am a 23-year retired veteran. As such, I would ask you to perhaps consider my opinion to be more valid when it comes to the President and the comments that were "reported" by a less than responsible publication. As it turns out, that terrible quote could not be verified nor authenticated. In fact, there were more than 5 witnesses who were present that did verify that it never happened. Even John Bolton, no friend of the President said, it didn’t happen.

So, before you decide to cast your vote to the candidate that unashamedly supports an agenda that is in complete opposition to the values we swore to uphold, I would suggest you reconsider your initial impulse.

The Party that you’ve been loyal to all these years has abandoned every patriotic principle that you should rightly be proud of. The Democrats have made it very clear, they support and endorse the tenants of a Marxist/Socialist, “reimagined” America. Their tacit support of the BLM organization, the rioting in our cities by the Anarchist group ANTIFA, and their newly adopted “Defunding Police” policies should be all the proof you need. Did you witness the assassination attempt of the two Deputies and the “demonstrations” afterward, this past weekend? Every normal American was disgusted by these events. Not the Democrats or their supporters. They practically endorsed both with an extremely weak response and rationalizations for the abhorrent behavior that was displayed.

Knowing what you have given and sacrificed for our Country, I would ask you to seriously reconsider your position.

These radical principles go against everything we took an oath to defend, protect, and uphold. They would destroy the very foundation of our Republic.

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