To the editor:

An open letter to the town of Conway selectmen. You have been vaccinated by sheer stupidity. Ignorance is within the side effects of your dosage.

As a former resident of the Mount Washington Valley, who attended and graduated high school there, one is appalled by your attempt to become the North Country’s version of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey You are following in the path of gross incompetence if assuming that self-serve kiosks will get all to pay the $20 for parking at First Bridge, Davis Park and the Smith-Eastman Landing. If you think that, another thing’s coming. Prepared to be surprised.

What is the motive and logic? It clearly illustrates to the world that your research and assessment in deciding these fees is non existent. Noted, it’s lots easier to do something for sake of doing so, rather than take the time to assess.

Now you’re expecting people to comply with this lunacy? Try again. People go to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire to escape from places like the Bronx, Brooklyn or any other place in the NYC area, not relive them.

Commenting on whether $20 is a “good number,” you’re delusional. Insane is more like it. Keep in mind, your job in a resort area is to promote tourism, not be a source of societal resentment.

Seriously, these fees should be rescinded so all, regardless of demographics, can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the Mount Washington Valley. Stop with this petulant ignorance and foolishness.

Ed Easy

Monroe, N.Y.

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Gregory Wallace

Ed Portsmouth NH just doubled it's parking fines to $35.00. Conway has a view tax get used to it it's a game of take what ever you can grab. Personally I hope it keeps people from Joysie The Bronx and yes even Mass from coming to N.H. With the rise in Gas prices and the coming inflation along with the real estate crash followed with an inevitable foreclosure spike. It hasn't even been a year yet and look how great we are doing! You cannot spend your way into a viable future.

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