To the editor:

The candidate with the best chance of beating Donald Trump is the only one to support. Each of the candidates has a compelling argument and most are qualified to be president.

Bernie Sanders is just the flip side of the same Trump coin: too close to Russia, cultish supporters, arrogant, uncompromising, and a failure at everything, including 40 years in Congress with nothing to show for it.

Therefore, I am voting for Joe Biden. Yes, I wish he was a woman, and younger, and yes, I wish he would embrace more of the liberal platforms the Democrats are pushing. Nonetheless, he is the only candidate that can beat Trump and Trump knows this, which is why he is begging foreign leaders to once again interfere in our elections. And, they will.

To beat Trump, huge numbers of voters must overtake the impact of GOP gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, (including in New Hampshire) and foreign interference. I believe Biden will, at the very least, bring this country back to some kind of normalcy. He is competent and he can work with those few in the GOP who have not drunk all the Trump Kool-Aid.

We will survive four years of Joe Biden as president, but this country may be unrecognizable as a democracy if Trump is re-elected.

P.S. My second choice is Amy Klobuchar.

Dot Seybold


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Biden isn't running to win. He's a political ploy. He's just there to make sure the person the Democrats want to get the nomination does.

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