To the editor:

Commonsense gun knowledge for anti-gun idiots who want to disarm law abiding gun owners:

No. 1: The NRA has about 5 million members. Name one (that’s one, uno) member who was involved in a mass shooting of civilians. If you can’t answer “nada,” you are too stupid to own a gun.

No. 2: In a country with 330 million people, it’s a given that there will be a paltry percentage of extreme wackos out to do harm. If you think that a deranged psycho who plans for months on how to destroy innocent life and then tweets about it online is going to obey any gun laws, you are too stupid to own a gun.

No. 3: The urban cesspools of America, those inner cities run by Democrats for 50 or more years that have the strictest gun laws, are battlegrounds on the streets. If you think that these turf war gangs of punks purchased their weapons legally, and more gun legislation will guide them to righteousness, you definitely qualify to jump on the donkey wagon of progressive presidential wannabes. Go ahead, make Donald Trump’s day, again and again.

No. 4: What turns these born humans into suicidal, mass-murdering freaks of nature? Glad you asked. It’s about family values. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced society, the lack of communication among loved ones has become stale. Youngsters have cast aside their parents as role models for the likes of Hollyweird freaks and gangsta rappers. Remember the Columbine school massacre? Of course you do. One of the psychos, Dylan Klebold, proudly boasted that Stephen Spielberg would make a movie about them.

No. 5: Last but not least, if anti-gun zealots want to stop the flow of guns, how about going after two of the most notorious gun runners who occupied our halls of justice: Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama of “Fast and Furious” fame who helped funnel thousands of “illegal assault rifles” to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and one American Border Patrol agent.

One more final thought: Outlawing legal gun ownership will be as futile as outlawing drugs. How’s that working out?

Bill Catalucci


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you seem very angry...i don't think you are of the right mental capacity to own a gun.

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